Fluff leak from SM codex

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Hello everyone !!

Some fluff from the new dex by caius tadius on B&C :

I managed to get a glimpse at the fluff section from 8th Edition and here's what I managed to glean from it. Apologies if the info is fragmentary.


-The 2nd Company is now commanded by Captain Acheron since Cato Sicarius was sent away to be part of Guilliman's Victrix Guard. Captain Sicarius was lost in the warp at the start of the Indomitus Crusade. (He does return in Dark Imperium which is set afterwards, but he still remains with the Victrix Guard).

-The other Company Captains have all nearly not really changed and are very much alive. Captain Fabian is still commanding the 3rd, Ventris the 4th, Galenus the 5th and Numitor the 8th

-After the Plague Wars ended with Mortarion escaping, Guilliman spent some time in Ultramar leading the reconstruction, fortification and rebuilding efforts before having to leave again for other parts of the Imperium.

-The Ultramarines then go on something called the "Vengeance Campaigns" where they leave Ultramar and attempt to take back demon worlds while also handling an Ork WAAAGH. They take back 3 of the 7 demon worlds but the fate of the rest of the planets are unknown.

White Scars:

-The White Scars are badly depleted by the renewed Chaos invasions due to the rift opening but the Indomitus Crusade shows up and delivers their Primaris reinforcements, saving the Chapter.

-They then launch a vengeful campaign against the Red Corsairs, attacking and boarding a major Space Station siezed by Huron Blackheart. The Chapter Master of the White Scars, Jubal Khan, and his honor guard fight their way to the heart of the structure when its plasma reactors blow, the strike force becomes trapped in the exploding structure. The fate of the WS Chapter Master and his honour guard are unknown.

Imperial Fists:

-Seeking revenge for the attack on the Phalanx, the Imperial Fists launch an invasion of the Iron Warrior's newly fortified world of Ironhold (original). Aided by several Knight Houses, they win and defeat their arch-rivals, taking the planet for the Imperium.

Black Templars:

-When the Great Rift opened, a horde of traitor forces began targeting Imperial Shrine Worlds for destruction, led by the Word Bearers. The Black Templars commit themselves to defending these holy places from the traitor marines and several crusades are launched to drive the traitors back. The BT take heavy losses but hold the line against the enemy.

-The Black Templars are called upon to put down a rebellion on a planet. As they fight they discover that the enemy is managing to put more soldiers on the field faster than they can kill them. Realizing the planet was damned as most of its population was turning against them, the BT are forced to exterminate the entire population to put an end to the threat.


-A Bloodthirster named Khar'kul leads his demonic forces into a Hive World, slaughtering anyone in his way. The Salamanders deploy in Chapter Strength and overcome this enemy with the use of massed Aggressor squads equipped with flamers.

Iron hands:

-When the Great Rift opened, Medusa came under a massive attack by the forces of Chaos. However, the Iron Hands manage to hold the line and eventually the traitors retreat from the planet, leaving behind a battered Chapter.

-The Great Rift that engulfed most of the Space around them now receded, leaving behind planets tainted by Chaos. The Iron Hands launched a brutal "Scorched Earth Crusade" that cleanses these heavily populated worlds from the taint but leaves them in ruins.

-The Iron Hands discover a possible pathway through the Great Rift, back to the other side of the Imperium that is guarded by the forces of Chaos and several renegade warbands. They launch a massive attack on this site and defeat the traitors in battle but just as they are about to reach the pathway, the renegades detonate their charges and destroy the portals. (This is starting to be a recurring theme)

-They then join something known as the Stygian Crusade along other Imperial forces where they make great gains at first but are forced to retreat under relenting pressure.


created : about 10 hours ago

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The Rumour Engine - A pistol

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Rumour Engine time - what do you think about today's teaser?

Lady Atia

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General Handbook 2017 info

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Hello everyone !!

New info about general handbook 2017

-Alliance inside a grand alliance are now covered (more detail after)
-Allegiance abilities for dozens of new faction.
-Battle plan
-Multiplayer games.
-Siege warfare
-A few new battalion.

created : about 12 hours ago

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Games Workshop swim in the money !!

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Hello everyone !!

We often wonder if GW is doing good or if AoS is killing them or if the end is near.

Looks like they are doing ok ^^

As you can see in the image their stock skyrocketed (I should have buyed some^^)

and one article:

Sales and profits at Games Workshop skyrocketed in its recent fiscial year, enabling the fantasy miniature specialist retail chain to improve its profit forecast.

Pre-tax profit jumped by 126 per cent to £38.4 million in the year to May 28, more than double the £16.9m recorded the previous year.

Meanwhile, full-year revenue soared by 34 per cent to 158 million, but due to the weakened sterling and three-quarters of its sales coming from overseas, on a constant currency basis revenue grew by 21 per cent to 143.3 million.

The retail chain, which is currently rebranding its high street stores to Warhammer, has 462 stores across 23 countries, and these accounted for 41 per cent of its overall sales.

Meanwhile, sales across Games Workshop’s retail channel improved grew by 21 per cent year-on-year on a constant currency basis, while its trade and mail-order channels went up by 22 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.

The strong year means Games Workshop is predicting sales and profits in its current fiiscal year will be “well above the same period in the prior year” while its full-year profits will be “above market expectations”.

“We’ve had another fun and exciting year and made significant progress on our strategic initiatives,” chief executive Kevin Rountree said.

“You can see from these results that our business and our hobby are in good shape.”

Games Workshop’s annual results came with the announcement that non-executive chairman Toby Kirby would retire from his role after the annual general meeting in September.

source :

Looks like their plan worked well enough ^^

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General's Handbook 2017

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Hello everyone !!

New video by GW announcing the GH2017.
Date is August.

very stranger things like ^^


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Pinnacle of Precision (DeepWood Archers unit expansion)

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Hello everyone !!

New article on the FFG website about the Latari (elves) archer skirmisher.

Perks : Can move before and after shooting, buffed by nearby forest, cheap point cost, spawn forest.
Drawback : with 2 blue dice they don't do too much damage, 1 armor and 1 life = die fast ^^

"No amount of cunning can save an enemy from the perfect shot."
- Old Latari saying

created : 2 days ago

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Gabriel Angelos – coming to your tabletop very soon

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Hello everyone !!

Gabriel Angelos from the dawn of war series aviable soon from Forge World !!

"I command in the name of the emperor"


created : 3 days ago

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Long video about the new dex

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Hello again again !

Very long video by mini war gaming didn't watched all of it but it's quite ok !


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Additional shot of primaris

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Hello again !

More image of the new :
Repulsor tank.

This Chappy could be my favorite mini ever ^^ (even the if the ressemblance to an overwatch character is uncanny ^^)


created : 3 days ago

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New FAQ are UP (sorry orKs)

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Hello everyone !!

FAQ released

Load of stuff changing (shield drone, orc rerolling charge...)


created : 3 days ago

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