Citatel Color New Website !!

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Small thumb fest2019 sat10 contrastpaintpots2ujcde

Hello everyone !!!

Huge new website from GW :

Loads of painting tutorial and more example on Contrast paints. Gw push for 2 level of finish on your models : Battle ready (one thicc coat) and Parade ready with one or two highlights per color.

Honestly the Ultrasmurf primaris look quite cool just from it and the Plague Marine by ducan is incredible (if it's only Contrast and dry brush / lining) .

Super excited by these !!! I want to try them now !!!

Maybe i'll paint all my Beast of chaos models or start 40k again !


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Necromunda : Free Gang Tactics to download

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Small thumb necgangtactics may24 share1

hello everyone !!

Necromunda Gang Tactics are available for download in a free pdf :

Necromunda gang tactics card pdf

Gang tactics are game changer so use them with caution ^^. For exemple Bait and switch allow to activate your ultimate sniper twice ^^^

necromunda gang tactics pdf

also you can get these new Necromunda Sleeve to protect them :

necromunda gang tactics pdf

love the sleeves !!

ps : In other news (sad) we got a mail from whtv about our ups problems, eveything was delivered in a ups drop point 10 miles from us (wtf) and impossible to go there till monday or tuesday. So impossible to write the review sorry all :(


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Games Workshop Contrast Paint range presentation

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Hello everyone !!

At last we have some new informations on the new contrast line :

Contrast paint primer

To use contrast paint, Priming must be made with the one of the two color : Grey seer and Wraith bone. Grey Seer gives colder, darker tones while Wraithbone provides a warmer, more organic feel. From what i heard these new spray are of incredible quality and should become the new light prime color

contrast paint primer

The 2 contrast paint primer also come in base color, but i am not sure the can be used to prime and or use contrast on it. Because from what i understand to use contrast paint you need to use a contrast paint primer in can to get a super smooth finish for flowing purpose.

contrast paint primer

Can i mix both of them ? can i spray them ? can i zenithal with the Wraithbone over the Grey seer ? So many questions

Contrast paint Colors

At launch there will be 34 colors with a large variation of color available from the start.

Contrast red and yellow

contrast paint primer

contrast paint Skin Tones

At least : Fyreslayer Flesh, Guilliman Flesh and Darkoath Flesh,Plaguebearer Flesh, Ork Flesh

contrast paint primer

Of course that Orc flesh is going to be super useful !!!

Bone, Metal and More!

NMM copper and steel !!! Wow that copper is super interesting is it 2 colors ? or one ? The bones color look cool too.

contrast paint copper

The Steel nmm is a bit bland but with some white lining that should do the tricks. It's hard to judge because on the necron image i don't know what they did, is it one thicc coat of the Basilicanum Grey ? or multiple light pass ? is the gun and the body the same gray but onto different primer ?

contrast paint nmm

To be honest a magic recipe for painting NMM make me a bit jealous. But i am sure that i can use contrast pain to increase my painting speed while maintaining good* quality.

*good = good enough for me ^^

The white

I love to shade white with blue so i am all in on this one !! The effect is interesting on the Tau Firewarrior but i am impressed by the cleanness of the dark lining on the legs. If you can get this result with one coat without much cleaning it's damn good.

White contrast paint

The Medium

 contrast paint medium

Specific medium for Contrast paints. I really hope that reducing the number of pigments by mixing medium keep the Contrast paint magic touch. Because if you can dose the color intensity while keeping the magic touch (i have no better word) it's complete sorcery.

Contrast paint over metal

 contrast paint medium

I am not a big fan of this effect but it's neat idea if you want do shinny armor !


Is contrast paint good ? i don't know yet, the effect are cool for a supposedly once thicc coat. But it's hard to judge on these pics because we don't know the amount of time or paint coats they used.

Anyway i am super hyped but the idea and can't wait to try them !!

Check what pro think of the Contrast Paints :


Source :

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Games Workshop Contrast Paints : Pro Painters Review

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Small thumb paintinfluencers may22 share2ujs

Hello everyone !!!

GW invited in secret a few (10~) painters to try out Contrast paints. Then they made a short video about it.
We don't learn a lot of things but :
-they are good for army painting,
-change everything for the tabletop painter,
-Constrast paint are as good as devlan mud (OMG)
-Very easy way to start your model. (Ben K)

More details on the contrast paint here :

Hype ?


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Steamforged games : Devil May Cry™ Kickstarter

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Small thumb dmc

Hello everyone !!

Finishing today on kickstarter there is the Devil May Cry board games by Steamforged Games.
It was a short 7 Days Kickstarter campaign and they Reached the goal already (170,897 € & 2386 backers)

Devil May Cry Bloody Palace

DMC is a mix of Deck building, Competitive, Coop games. Each participant play one of the Heroes and Clear Wave of Monster all while gaining Style Points (victory) by using the longest chain of cards (Combo !).

Components & Price

It's odd but this campaign only have one level of pledge (2 if you count the Early Bird but that was for the same stuff).
The So called "Sparda Pledge" Is core game + 3 expansions.

Steamforged games devil may cry Sparda pledge

As you can see the KS price is 77£ instead of 180£ retail so it's an ok deal (keep in mind they always exaggerate the retail price ^^)

The mini starts at 40mm and up to 110 mm

Steamforged games devil may cry Sparda pledge

Steamforged games devil may cry Sparda pledge

Honestly the mini look super cool if you are a fan of the DMC franchise, personally if have very fond memories of DMC 1 on PS2 (holy shit just checked and that was 18 years ago !!!).

Game play

I am an big fan of Deck Building games these days and this one look super interesting.

Each Hero have his own base deck and can upgrade it by killing monsters to earn Blood. During your turn you try to play Cards to form a combo chain that to kill Monsters and Rack Style Points (victory points).

You have the option to continue the combo or stop it to earn points. Off course if you maintain your combo and take damage it's over you loose it have to start over.

DMC is cooperative, don't need Gm and look easy on the rules. Only green light if you want to play with Casual friends. Also it seem to offer enough depth for playing with more gamer friends. Sound like a win win and big models to paint with my Airbrush is a big +

Video and Rules pdf

Steamforged games made a series of video about the game and offer to DL the rules now

Watch the game overview here

Watch the players phase

Watch the enemy phase

Watch the full playthrough here by steamforged games team

Devil may cry rules pdf


Campaign end today, then it's late pledge on the steamforged games website for 4-6 weeks and then pledge Manager. Count 24-34 week to receive you game if nothing goes wrong. ps : Steamforged games while being a "big" company now is known for they delays ^^

If you are interested but are not sure you can always pledge 1$ to access the pledge Manager in 6 week and decide at this moment.

Kickstarter page :
Steamforged games home page :


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Games Workshop, The Rumour Engine: Dinosaaaaur

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Small thumb rumourengine may21 content2ujcs

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Na, what do you think about this Rumour Engine today?

Could it be Seraphon for Age of sigmar? Or Maybe Malerion elves?

What about a new Exodite Eldar faction for Warhammer 40 000.
exodite eldar mount

Lady Atia (&bob)

created : 4 days ago

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Also coming Next Week: Forgeworld Necromunda - The Book of Peril

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Small thumb necrokalscabs may21 bookperil22nr

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just want to note, the next Forgeworld Necromunda Supplement - "The Book of Perils" will also be up for pre-order this weekend. 96 pages, softcover, English only - 22,- pounds.

It's all about Bounty Hunters, Badzone Environment Rules, Venator Gangs and of course Kal Jerico :)

Details on other Pre-order here: (Forgeworld and Games Workshop)

Lady Atia

created : 4 days ago

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Age of Sigmar rpg : Soulbound, test mechanism revealed

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Small thumb aosrpg ss cover 190424 bottom half 756x1024

Hello everyone !!

Soulbound is the Age of Sigmar RPG (pen & paper) in preparation at cubicle7 in a recent post we looked at the archetype inside the core rulebook : here . Today let's check what the Test mechanism will be.

What are Test in Soulbound

Test will be the core mechanism of Soulbound, it will be used for combats, skills, roleplayings (?), explorations. For such a core mechanism I expect it to be well thought and polished!

Test in Soulbound will be resolved by rolling a pool of six-sided dice (d6s) and try to roll equal or greater than the Difficulty Number (DN). It's exactly like Warhammer 40 000, Age of Sigmar, or Shadowrun (ed 1 to 3) if we consider RPG.

Attributes in Soulbound

In Soulbound only 3 attributes, Body, Mind, Soul. Body will represent physical capacity of your character, Mind will be a mix of intelligence/perception/wits and Soul will be your willpower. Average joe in the Mortal Realm will be at 1 or 2.

When rolling for a test, your dice pool will equal the corresponding attributes. Ie: You want to do a test for running you will roll a number of dice equal to your Body.

Skills in Soulbound

Skills represent a level of training and expertise in a particular area, such as arcane lore, athletics, crafting, and combat.
Skills have 2 aspects: Trained and Focus, both can be LvL up.

Trained in a skill : Each level of training in that skill will grant one extra dice on your test roll.

Focus in a skill : Each level of focus in a specific skill will add a +1 to the result of one Dice (ie: if you roll one dice and get a result of 4 you can increase it to 5)

Simple test

The Simple Test in Soulbound is common. A Simple Test has a DN from 2 to 6 (chosen by the GM), with 4 being the average difficulty. To roll the Test, gather up a number of dice equal to the Attribute plus any ranks of Trained you have with the Skill. The test is a success if any dice equal or exceed the DN.

Extra success are used to improve the effectiveness of your test.

Example by Cubicle 7 :

Imren, an Isharaan Tidecaster, is inspecting an ancient Agloraxian device buried deep underground. She wants to try to understand what the device was used for so the GM tells her she must make a Test. The GM decides that inspecting the device uses the Mind Attribute and that the Arcana Skill is appropriate. Knowledge of the Agloraxian Empire is hard to come by so the GM determines the difficulty of the Test is 5. The GM tells Ímren she must make a DN 5 Mind (Arcana) Test.

Imren has Mind 3 and one level of Trained in Arcana, so her dice pool for the Test is 4 (3 + 1). She rolls and gets a result of 1, 3, 5, and 6. This gives her two successes (5 and 6). The GM tells her she has passed the Test and decides that the additional success is worth a little more information. She tells Ímren that the device was used to lift large structures into the air, and that there may be a way to reactive the device…

Age of sigmar rpg Soulbound

Complex test

Same as a simple test but the GM asks for a certain numbers of success to pass the test. It's not clear from the article if the test is a single roll only or can be made in multiple rolls (for a prolonged task like repairing an armour)

Example by Cubicle 7 :

Example: Ímren has managed to reactivate the Agloraxian device. Unfortunately, it has caused the ancient structure to crumble and begin to fall apart. She and her companions race for the exit, hoping to avoid being sealed inside a tomb. Vel Arturious, the Knight-Questor, reaches the exit first. She tells the GM that she wants to hold the archway up so that her allies can escape. The GM tells her that she is going to have to keep it up for a number of rounds while the others flee. The GM calls for a DN 3:3 Body (Might) Complex Test– the task is not difficult (DN 3) but it does take time (3 successes).

Vel has Body 4 and one level of Trained in Might, giving her a dice pool of 5 (4 + 1). She rolls and gets a result of 1, 2, 2, 5, and 6. An unlucky roll that gives her only 2 successes. Luckily, Vel also has a Focus in Might. This allows her to add +1 to the result of one of her die. She uses this to increase one of the results of 2 to a 3. This now gives her 3 successes, just enough to pass the Test. Her companions race by as she braces herself beneath the weight of crumbling stone. With everyone safely through, she releases the archway and sprints to safety.

From the example, it looks like that Complex test are a lot harder to pass than Simple test. For now I am just not sure if they are limited to one roll dice or also used for "Prolonged task" that could take a few days (ritual ?) and involve multiple rolls.

That's it for now, So far we learned that Souldbound will play a lot like Shadowrun old edition or GW wargames.

Cu next week for more info on the Age of Sigmar RPG.


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Blood bowl Halfling team details

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Small thumb bbhalflingstactics may20 catcherhefty4uc

Hello everyone !!

The week end Halfling for Blood Bowl are going on pre-orders (with all the usual goodies) and Warhammer Community even made a post presenting them ^^

Halfling Team are The worst team in Blood Bowl but everyone try to play them at some point !!

For years the Halfling roster was only Halfling linemen and 2 treemans. But to celebrate the new plastics models release, Forge World added 2x2 new positional players to the team and i want to write a bit about that !

Halfling team blood bowl

Of course they are still Halfling with sucky stats for the price, but Both of them are good addition to the team ! And will open a lot more play options !!

Halfling Hefty

+1 Armor, +fend, -right stuff, +20 000. Ok for the price this is really bad, but you chose the Halfling so better getting the most of it. Fend is good against frenzy as it negate the follow up attack, it prevent the dodge by blitz (where you blitz one target, follow the block to get out of a tackle zone. So you can use the Hefty to block lane, so yea it's a poor man stand firm but with the extra use against frenzy. You can also use to protect your Big Guys, if you have a fend player next to a Treeman the opposing player need 2 players to first block the fend Halfling and then bring an assist.

Halfling Catcher

Halfling team blood bowl

+sprint + catch
SPRINT HALFLING !!!! This is HUGEEEEEE that mean :

-If you play in a tournament you can have a sprint + sure feet halfling so you have an extra reroll for the GFI. (most of the time it's one skill per player)

-You can score from the 5th cases in the opposing half in one action !!!! It's super good for throw team mate plan. On a inaccurate straight pass the Halfling Catcher can still score with 2 deviations in the wrong direction ! That mean that only one deviation that is not backward (4+ on a d8) keep the Goal Run Alive.

-Having Catch mean you dont' have to use your Re-roll on giving the ball to the Catcher

If you combine all 3 points it's a lot Easier to Score a Throw Team Mate TD !!! Go Half!!

Also check :

Star PLayers Star players Roster for Halfling Team

Hafling Pre order Check all the Pro orders goodies for Halfling


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Army building tools for age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40000 (warscroll builder)

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Small thumb icon classic

Hello everyone !!

For a Long time, I wanted to make a post about the different Army builder for Warhammer 40000 and Age of Sigmar that I like ( and recommend to use. )

Without much more introduction let's take a look at our different options for AOS and then Warhammer 40000.

army builder aos

List building in the Age of Sigmar is fast and easy so the Warscroll builder needed is relatively simple.
Still, list building got heavier with all the new options from the V2 like Realms, Endless Spells and relics.

My 2 favourites army builder aos : Warscroll Builder and Battlescribe

Warcroll Builder

Let's start with the official tool : Hosted on Warhammer community : Warscroll Builder . This is one of the First Army builders for AOS. At first, it was independent but Games Workshop made a deal with Tony.p and included the Warscroll Builder in the Community website.

army builder aos

Warscroll Builder is a very nice tool: Handle all 4 grand alliances, all the Keywords (Allegiance), Mortal realm of origin, All factions and Legacy one.
Include endless spells, Battalions, count of the Commands Points available, full list of trait & relics, Toggle automatically units to Battleline when allowed, allied and up to 3000 points.
Also, the App allows to save, load, Save to PDF with units stats printed and you can even add notes before saving! And all this Without even creating an account or registering something.

The only thing missing is a Social Media / Forum share or at least a linking list feature.


warscroll builder

Battlescribe is not an online web App it's a good old program that you can install. once installed you have to Download the differents Gamefile you need. Now it's also available on IOS and ANDROID (but I never tested it yet).

To add data :

To get started you have to add games system to the program (like the old Army Builder if you remember).
warscroll builder

File > Data repositories > add data > and choose the data you need

army builder 40k

Then Click yes and it will load all the file and you can then start list building.

New Roster > + Add > then choose all the thing you want to start a new army. if need help!

Pros ans Cons

Battlescribe is harder to use than Warscroll builder but the learning curve is fast and you can use it on many sorts of game systems, not only Games Workshop. Pro version sync with your google account and cost 3€ a year.

You get all the building options Warscroll builder have +: Most of the stats, Command Abilities and other rules integrated inside. Prints and exports options are super good too as you can print your army with all the relevant rules added.

In a nutshell, Battlescribe is a more complete tool but maybe you don't always need it for AOS and can use Warscroll Builder.

Warhammer 40000 & Kill Team

Warhammer 40000 v8 started easy and light...This is the past !!! Right now there are 2 good tools that I like to build list: HQ-builder and Battlescribe!


army builder 40k

Is an online army builder for Warhammer 40 000 and Kill-team you can access it at
You need to Create an account to use it but once you have it's really intuitive and Fast. I started using it recently but it has a good user experience.

Works with kill team but only have a limited number of Roster available :/

Battlescribe for Warhammer 40k and Kill team

army builder 40k

Warhammer 40k

As for AOS Battlescribe works very well with Warhammer 40000. the way the army builder is organised you can add different detachments and edit/remove them at will. You have all the Rules/CP/Validation in real time

My Favorite function is still Printing a list with all the little rules that you always forget how they work ^^ I don't know how you can play 40k right now without this army builder. ^^

Kill Team with scribs

Another game that started with easy list making rules but now really needs an army builder. Scribs is perfect for KillTeam as you can add LVL to your specialist easily and it include everything (99%)

Hope that's selection help with you a little :D

If you have a suggestion on what to use to build a list, post in the comment section I'll edit the post.

Ps: I'll try to save this one so you can access it easily;

ps 2 : Don't forget that Battlescribe source are not official and can contain errors, don't forget to Bring codex and check rules when playing.


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