Reddit AMA with Andy Chambers

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Hello everyone !!

Yesterday there was an AMA (ask me anything) with Andy Chambers (ex gw)

List of screenshot with answers and questions:

Full thread is here :

Some very interesting questions !!


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Astraeus Super-heavy tank

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Hello everyone !!

Astraeus Heavy tank is on pre order too !

The Astraeus is a super-heavy tank, similar in form to the smaller Repulsor transport in use by the newly created Primaris Space Marines. It mounts a formidable array of weapons, designed around a pair of immense macro-accelerator cannon. Providing a stable firing platform for these temperamental weapons are banks of enhanced repulsor plates, allowing the inexorable advance of the Astraeus to continue unhindered by hostile terrain or the vain defiance of the foe, while its layered void shields can shrug off even the most devastating weapon strikes. The Astraeus is a symbol of the Imperium’s might, unbowed by the dawning of a bloody new millennium and unbroken by the onslaught of its foes.

An appropriately large and aggressive-looking model, this multi-part resin kit makes 1 Astraeus Super-heavy tank. It features 4 repulsor pods, 2 at the rear and 2 smaller ones at the front, configured to allow the Astraeus maximum manoeuvrability. These are connected to the 2 hull sections – the rear hull is dominated by the enormous twin macro-accelerator cannon, which extends along the entire length of the rear hull, with a detailed ammunition feed featured. Backing this up in terms of weaponry is a turret on the front hull, which can be equipped with twin heavy bolters or twin lascannon, and 2 sponson turrets which feature your choice of las-rippers or plasma eradicators. Included are 2 void shield projectors on their own mounts.

The kit is supplied with a 160mm round base and flying stem. Rules are available as a PDF download.

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Half Horn the sanctionned bounty hunter !

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Hello everyone !!

Half horn is on pre order on fw website

Pre order half horn

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Warhammer 40 000 Open days new info !

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Hello again !

Tom Walton (one of GW sculptor ) will be attending the 40k open days with a new kit !!!


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Necromunda : Gang progression explained !

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Hello Everyone :)

Part 4 of the Necromunda review.

See the following post for our Q&A:


(from gang war book)

In this game there is 2 progressions axis : Gang members can gain XP and stuff !!

Experience and Advancement

When gang members participate in a battle they get the opportunity to gain experience points and then they can use them to acquire skills and characteristics upgrade.

Gaining Experience points

A) 3 Standards way of gaining XP :

-A fighter taking an enemy out of action gain 1 xp. If you kill more than one in a single action you gain multiple xp.

-A fighter that take down a champion or a leader gain 1 extra xp.

-A fighter rallying gain 1 xp.

B) Scenario gain :

-Taking part in a battle 1 xp.

-Variable gain (1 xp most of the time) by accomplishing scenario objectives.

C) Misc.

-Rolling 11 on the injury table grant you 1d3XP
-Mentor skill (leadership), Grant 1 extra xp if you are within 6" of the model with the skill.

Spending XP

There is 2 options here : Ganger and not Ganger.

A) Gangers

As you can see It's quite easy. Each time you reach 6 xp you gain one advance by rolling 2D6 and reset to 0XP.
On a 2 or a 12 you become a specialist and can now spend xp and gain skills. But you still count as a Ganger for equipment purpose.

B) Not a Ganger

It's easy too, each model bank is own XP gain, and when you have enough you spend on what you want or need.

Each time you get a new advance you have to pay 2 extra XP per advance you already have.
ps : Juvies ignore this rule so they always get xp at a basic rate.
ps2: During a down time between Turf war, juvie with 5 or more advances become Champion. BOOOM !

Money and equipment

Gaining money or spending money !

Gaining money

There is multiple way to gain money ! The first one is the turf rating, then Special territory, working the turf action, Sell stuff and slave !

A) Turf Rating,

Start at 1, there is no maximum and it can increase or go down after each game played (depending on scenario)
Once per cycle, after you have played the first game, you gain Turf rating X 10 credits. Yea it's going to take a while to buy these dual plasma pistols ^^.

B) Special territory

These are special locations in your turf that have special effects you can exploit.
You have a small chance to gain one each time your turf rating increase. When you gain one you randomly select it.
ps : There is no Archeotech ruins :(

If you are lucky, you gain a territory allowing a Ganger to recolt mushroom or mine. Lot of money but risk for the Gangers doing the job. Just don't use the BS 2+ Ganger ^^.

C) Work the gang turf.
It's the primary source of income at start, each champion or leader can use his post battle action to gain 1d6*10.

D) Sell used equipment and Slaves
Each item can be sold for 5 cred ^^ And you can sell captured Ganger for their value after they had a chance to play a " free this fighter mission" ^^

Spending money

With money you can buy common items, rare items or new gang members !
Each weapons, munition, grenade can be Common or Rare.

A) Common item :

Commons Item are the most basic and the cheapest. There is 2 sources for them, you can buy them from your Gang Armory or from the Trading Post by using one post battle action from a champion or leader.
You pay and get the item there is nothing more to it :D

ps : In the Gang Armory there is no rarity, everything is common but the selection is limited.

B) Rare Item :

In the trading post you can buy nearly everything, but rare items are quite hard to get. Each rare item have an availability score (7 to 11) that you need to get for finding the desired item.
You need to spend one or more post battle action, you roll 2d6 and try to reach the rarity score. You'll get +2 if the boss do a trading post action and +1 for each extra champion helping. There are a few more modifier dispersed in the book but nothing earth breaking. After rolled each member participating in the action can buy one item with a rarity inferior to the score you made.

C) Hire new members.

Spend cred to get new members !
You have to respect certain limitation.
1 leader, 2 champions (+1 champ per 10 points of Reputation).
Gangers must represent half of the fighters in the roster.

That's all for this section !


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Warhammer tv playing Necromunda 3D

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Hello everyone !!

Don't forget to watch Dave and Peachy play a Necromunda Battle !


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The Necromunda Campaign

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Hello again :)

Post N°3 of the Necromunda coverage.

See the following post for our Q&A:

The Campaign play - the Necromunda we all love.
Gaining territory, Special loot, equipment, XP and selling captured Gangers to the slavers ;)

The Turf War Campaign

The Specialist Games Studio offers us this method to conduct campaign play. In his interview Andy Hoare already talked about how unsatisfactory was the ending of the old campaign.

The play is organised in 4 levels: The lower is the battle played by 2 gangs, then comes the "Cycle", the "turf war", and finaly the Campaign itself.

The Campaign

It's the framework of all the games and turf wars we are about to have.
The rule book advises to decide on a duration because eternal campaigns tend to die unfinished ^^.

At the start, every player (from 2 to X) creates a Gang with 1000 Credits.

At the end of the Campaign every thing is over and you start from Zero again. (Note - of course you can houserule this)

A campaign is composed of X turf wars (depending on the overall duration).


Turf Wars are the rounds of the campaign.
Between 2 turf war sessions you can include new players, create a new gang, abandon your guys ....

During the Turf War, gangs are fighting for territory and reputation. At the end of it we go in "Apotheosis Mode" to conclude the phase.

Apotheosis Mode is a series of climatic battles to see which gang comes out on top! (I'll give more details in another post)

Each Turf War is composed of a certain number of "Cycles". The number of cycles composing a Turf War has to be decided at the start!


Cycles are Turf War turns.

The duration of a Cycle is up to you, but it should allow most players to play one or two games. If your gaming group plays every Friday, a one week cycle sounds perfect.

At the start of each Cycle after the first, the gang gains Turf * 10 credits ! (Note: later in the book it says it happen in post fight sequence).


At last the Gang war, the game itself! During one cyle you can play one or two battles. Each battle is composed of a Pre Match Sequence and Post Match Sequence.

A) Pre fight:

1) Spend XP and recruit a hired gun.

2) Select mission

3) Set up Battlefield.
There are two deploy methods depending on if you play with Zone Mortalis or Sector Mechanicus.

4) Draw tactics cards

5) Choose Crew

6) Deploy.

B) Post fight sequence :

1) Wrap up
Roll for dead and wounded (like in Bloodbowl)

2) Income

Turf *10 credit if it's your first game of the cycle.

3) Receive Rewards (Turf & Reputation)
Roll to see if you win, turf points, special terrains and reputation.

4) Post battle actions
Most exciting change!

These ideas are so awesome :)

5) Update your Roster

basically it's just a Ctrl+S ;)

That's it for the Campaign organisation of the new Necromunda (rules inside the Gang War book)


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Warhammer 40k: What Datasheet rules should I use?

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little guideline for what rules to use for your models - Index vs Codex.

Edit :
Craftworld faq :

Designer commentary :

Lady Atia

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Tiles of the UNDERHIVE + Walls and stuff (pics heavy)

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Hello everyone !!

Second post of our Necromunda coverage. The tiles.

See the following post for our Q&A:

- There are 9 DOUBLE faced tiles.
- Ignore the case you use inches for playing.
- Pit, duct, Slime and stuff have in game effect.
- This is actually a 2D Zone Mortalis (and a lot cheaper).
- Card Board is of good quality.

Tile 1

Tile 2

Tile 3

Tile 4

Tile 5

Tile 6

Tile 7

Tile 8

Tile 9

Plastic Doors :
The weight on these is crazy ! so friggin THICK plastic !

Objectives :
The Cute Tentacule deserves a Cute tag :P


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Necromunda Q&A

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Our review copy arrived (big thanks @ GW, as usual), and we are gonna answer your questions regarding the Underhive box, the Gang Wars book and future releases as far as possible - just ask your questions in the comments below, I'll also update the post with the ongoing Q&A.

Lady Atia and Bob :)

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