New 40k FAQ draft for : Knight, Deathwatch, Cult

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Hello everyone !!

Check the new faq for 40K !!!

My hype is for :
The gen cult and Tyranids are Allies of Convenience !!!!


created : about 2 years ago

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Next week hints and more

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

I just came back from hospital, let's go back on the news track!

Thanks @ Battybattybats :)

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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All the MK3 deck are leaked !

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Hello all !!

All the mk3 deck are leaked of 4chan or reddit !!! it's bad to download them don't do it !

Some cards are not definitive !


created : about 2 years ago

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More bases and stuff !!!

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Hello all !!

More bases (bigger) and some scenery
@thx nick!


created : about 2 years ago

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Warmachine : Minions insider MK3

Small thumb farrow gun team final

Hello everyone

Insider for the minions was released a few minute ago :

-End of contrat themed.
-You can mix all Gator and Farrow (boars) now
-Gator posse were nerfed like all Heavy inf (down to 5 box) Still costing 18 points that's super expensive !


created : about 2 years ago

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This week releases: Paints and Bases! (Update: Next week - Containers)

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Thanks @ Omega-Soul

New bases:
Sector Imperialis:
32mm Round Bases (60) 26€
Large Base Detail Kit 26€
25mm and 40mm Round Bases (40+20) 26€ (Including 32 skulls for basing)
60mm Round Bases and 75mm&90mm Oval Bases 26€

New paints:
Citadel Layer: Fulgurite Copper 4.50€
Citadel Layer: Skullcrusher Brass 4.50€
Citadel Layer: Stormhost Silver 4.50€
Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade Gloss (24ml) 6€
Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil Gloss (24ml) 6€
Citadel Shade: Reikland Fleshshade Gloss (24ml) 6€
Citadel Technical: Soulstone Blue 3.30€ (If painted over bright metallic colours, should create a gemstone-effect)
Citadel Technical: Spiritstone Red 3.30€
Citadel Technical: Waystone Green 3.30€

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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New Zone Mortalis/City Fight Bases

Small thumb bases

Thanks @ CB

Lady Atia

(another goodie for my ZM board!!)

created : about 2 years ago

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New warhammer 40k scenery

Small thumb   57

Hello everyone !!

Thx @quentin and Warhammer campaigns !!

Look like new terrain module for 40k,
Would make a nice addition to a Necromunda table !!!


Will look ace on my ZM table ;)

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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Warmachine: Age of Cygnar part 2

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Second part of the spoiler.


RAT 5, Range 14, POW 10
Dual Shot remains unchanged
18 points for 10

Longgun UA:
Flawsless Maneuvers: Reposition 5(!)
Granted Traded Fire: Additional die on Ranged Attack rolls against models within 8
Tactics Practice Maneuvers: Ignores each other for LOS
4 points

Stormblades: MAT 7, POW 12s. POW 14 shots. RAT 5 still.

Leader still has arc (+2 Range and +2 to Melee and Ranged damage rolls)

10 points for 5

Stormblade Infantry Officer/Standard:

Granted Assault
Iron Zeal once per game
Conductor for Stormsmiths

5 points

Storm Gunners: Unchanged
2 points

Gun Mage UA gives Rune Shot for Drive. Magical plus the Gun Mage options for the Jack (Snipe, Brutal, etc.)

Granted Swift Hunter. With Snipe, that's going to be annoying :).

Tactics Practice Maneuvers--they ignore each other for LOS

Snipe/Crit Brut/Thunderbolt remains unchanged

4 points
Precursors were not in the Cygnar card pack. Take that for what you will...


Has True Sight all the time
Has 3 attack types he can use each time he makes a ranged attack roll. So yes, every time he shoots he can decide..not for the turn...but per attack

Black Penny: Ignores in melee
Grievous Wounds: Loses Tough if he hits and cannot have damage removed for one round
Trick Shot: If you hit, choose a model within 4". Suffers a POW 10 unboostable magic attack

Reload infinity of course

Feat Overkill remains unchanged

Bullet Dodger remains unchanged
Fire for Effect: Boost attack/damage rolls of target friendly faction models first ranged attack (upkeep)
Gate Crasher: Changed ot anywhere completely within 5". Still has melee restriction after Gate Crashing
Heightened Reflexes: Unchanged
So...Caine can kill how many models a turn now? Fucking crazy.


Can place a Halfjack at end of Control phase if under 3 Halfjacks in play
Crane: Still places a large based (No more huge base) completely within 2" and it stands up
Repair D3 + 3 Action
Can be repaired himself
Tremor Quake Hammer

Feat still repairs everything on a Jack if he/Halfjack is in B2B

He's DEF 13/ARM 18, MAT 6, RAT 5
Steam Cannon Range 14, AOE 4, POW 14
Quake Hammer POW 15, 1"
Halfjacks can still make POW 14 mines


ARcantrik Bolt: POW 12, Range 10, Warjacks become stationary if damaged
Fortify: As it was
Full Throttle: As it was
Jackhammer: As it was
has Refuge now

Dig In Still
Arcing Fire
Manual Reload Trencher Model B2B...up to two additional attacks

DEF 14, ARM 15
Grenade launcher Range 10, POW 13, AOE 3
Melee POW 13, 1"
9 freaking points

Reposition 3"
Electro Leap on attacks still, 4" POW 10s
Brutal Charge

SPD 8, MAT 7, DEF 13, ARM 17
POW 12, Range 8 shots, Assault
Reach 2", POW 13 lances
POW 12 mounts
5 Boxes
20 points


Iron Horse: Light/heavies get Cav and Reposition 5". They have impact attacks still.
He has Repos 5"

His Feat: Warjacks get +2 SPD and can run/charge/trample without focus

He's a MAT/RAT 6, DEF 15, ARM 15
still has POW 11, Range 13 rifle
POW 13 melee, 1"
POW 10 mount

Arcane Bolt
Bullet Dodger
Easy Rider (Pathfinder, 3 cost)

Gives 30 Warjack points


Overload unchanged, although you CANNOT prevent the damage from that roll with a Focus
Only lasts during activation
Feat Same...mostly...but you can spenmd focus points now during it

He still has a nuts statline:
MAT 7, DEF 16, ARM 16
POW 15 2" reach

He has:

Deceleration, +2 ARM while in Control Range
Lightning Storm: Unchanged
Positive Charge: Unchanged
Rebuke...he still has that fucking spell. Cost 2, 10" range
Velocity unchanged

Someone asked about Stormsmiths earlier:
They got hit this edition
Stormcall is a ranged attack. RAT 5, they ignore concealment, cover, elevation and Stealth though

can still do the line/triangulation shit, although have to roll to hit :)
Cost 5 for 3, cheap cheap cheap
POW 10, Range 10

Murder ponies (tempest blazer)
RAT 7, Range 10, Pow 10. 5 boxes, DEF 14, ARM 13 (Weren't they DEF 15 before?)

Repos 5"

Attack Types:

Brutal Damage
Electro Leap
Ward Breaker (Blessed)

Striker 3
Plasma Nimbus: Unchanged
Repos 3"
Feat: Mount/charge attacks auto hit and additional damage die

He's 15/16, MAT 7, POW 14, 2". Has Quicksilver blast now...assault Range 8, POW 14


Arcane Bolt
Chain Blast
Iron Aggression

Warjack points: 28

Silver Line Stormguard:

Polarity Wall: Same
Practice Maneuvers: Ignore for LOS and advance through each other
quick Work now..

Electro Blast has Electroconduction: +1 Range for each model in this unit that hit an enemy model this turn. This attack causes no damage. Instead, models hit suffer a +2 damage from electrical damage rolls for one round. Range 6, AOE 5

Thunder Generator: 2" reach, crit knockdown, Leader Only

Grunts have halberds with 2" reach, crit knockdown

Combat Engineer: Additional Die on Structures (Ok...)
Ground Pounder the same looks..
Havoc the same looks...

Feat: Breach: Remove all wall templates in his control range. Half ARM on first damage roll still there

He's 14/17, MAT 7, RAT 6. Rocket is still POW 14, Range 14

Explosivo (changed): Gain magical. If directly hits, gain AOE 3 centered on that model if you box it. So you have to hit and kill, then center a 3" AOE on it. POW 8 blast damage if you do that.

Force Hammer: Cost 4, POW 12 slam
Foxhole: Place a 5" AOE completely within control, NOT TOUCHING a model base/obstruction. Gain cover, ignore for LOS
Mage Sight unchanged

Arcane Reinforcement: Warjack gains magical attacks
Empower: Warjack gains a focus point, no longer disrupted
Evasive Action: Warjack gains Evasive (After hit, can advance 2")
Repair D3 + 3 Faction

12/16, MAT/RAT 5
Gauntlest Sp 8, POW 10 Electrical
8 boxes
PC 4


created : about 2 years ago

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Warmachine: Cygnar Spoiler ! (Gun mage card)

Small thumb 1463918153162

Age of Cygnar is Unpon us !!!

Thx to all of the ppl who spoiled stuff we love you !!!

few nerf there and there, small point reduction...nemo 3 is a unit (Meh)
Stormblade look ok(ish) i guess but not sure...
Gun mage lost 1 def, gained gun figther, 0.5mk2 points dicount. LOST true sight on the UA (i heard from different version so not sure)
- In short. Fuck Kara Sloan. How would you feel if she gained guided fire and a feat that gives +2 rat and an immediate shot for her battlegroup?
- Nemo3 is the most buffed Cygnar caster. For example, he gained an upkeep that stops KD, push, etc. He's great.
- Stormcallers have magic range attacks instead of skill checks
- Darius might be the caster that convinces me to play Cygnar. He gains refuge.
- The centurion gains +1 MAT and imprint: polarity shield.
- Kraye looks like hot garbage. This makes me sad. Maybe reposition 5" on all his jacks is enough. He isn't doing much else...

ps: Last image is a rendering for Retribution next solo !


created : about 2 years ago

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