Age of sigmar night : Report 1


Good morning sigmar !!

Yesterday was Age of sigmar night.

2 (small) games were played

-Stormcast eternal vs khorne warband on a kill everything mission with 800pt on each side.
-Skaven vs high elves, ritual mission, skaven 600pt , high elves 700. (skaven player was the ritualist)

Things we learned:
-Play objective based mission, last man standing in a close game take a long time to finish.
-AOS is a game of combo. Basically a game is you : trying to buff your unit while trying to counter the enemy combo . It's quite fun !
-The game seems super balanced. Not to brag or anything but, we used our homemade point system and gw warscrolls, the 2 games we played tonight felt more balanced than most of the 40k games we made these last 2 years.
-Rules are a lot deeper than first thought. with the number of warscrolls+ special rules the possibility seems incredible .

Ok, i stop here and present you very fast the 2 games played yesterday.

created : about 2 years ago

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FW new releases - HH White Scars upgrade kits


Check out the newest Legion upgrades from FW! White Scars!

Whether fighting on foot or from the back of a Scimitar Jetbike, the warriors of the White Scars Legion are deadly opponents. Fighting with a primal wrath honed and focussed by years of intense training, the sons of the Great Khan accept no equal, striking at the enemies of Mankind with a speed and ferocity few can match.
MkIV shoulder pads:
MkIII shoulder pads:
MKII shoulder pads:

Lady Atia :)

created : about 2 years ago

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Total war warhammer !!!!

Warhammer takeover logo 17072015 1

Total war footage :

video here :

Look like a fun game !

created : about 2 years ago

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Dwarf !! Again

Dwarf small 037122019cebf9e83667c40ab70e350b21575b53d1b186572a46316e91ff057a

Hello !

Continuing in our grand plan to calculate points cost for all warscrolls, we did an update for the dwarfs :

-Fixed typo
-fixed text paragraph on mobile device ;)
-tweaked the formula for bugman beers
-reduced the impact of slow movement on dwarf.

-Remade specials rules database to include a "easy to hard to use factor" and "number of use" data row.

So, now the program take in account if a power is :
-always active
-easy to use
-moderate to use
-hard to use
-impossible to use

ex: a bonus on the charge round is easier to use if you move 12" per turn than if you move 4".

If a power is :
-one use
-half the time

Still need to add the Keywords to each warscrolls !

created : about 2 years ago

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Games Workshop Releases:



Khorne Lord - 35 Dollar
Plastik Khorne Bloodreavers (10er Kit mit neuen Waffen) - 55 Dollar

mid August

Plastik Flesh Hounds (5er Kit) - 45 Dollar

August End
Plastik Chosen/Blood Warriors (5er Kit mit neuen Waffen) - 55 Dollar

from :,warhammer-age-sigmar-liste-moeglicher-chaos-kits-preisen-august,id44951.html


created : about 2 years ago

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AoS: upcoming models


Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Here a little teaser of things to come in the next weeks, as far as i know :)

- Prosecutors, with different weapon options, f.e. spears and a two handed hammer
- Bloodreavers, they will have the option of two handed axes too
- Bloodwarriors with different weapon options (2 axes and these coole two-handed axes)
- Slaughterpriest and Skullgrinder clampacks

no ETA on them yet, so don't ask for it :P

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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World of Warcraft: Next Expansion unveiling at Gamescom!


So, in case that someone missed it, i'm not only in the hobby, but i'm also a huge fan of Blizzard Games, from Hearthstone to Diablo, and oc. WoW. Really glad to see the confirmation that we see the next Expansion announcement in a few days :P

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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AoS: Sylvaneth Forest Spirit Warhost and Realmgate Wars: War Storm


we missed on the sylvaneth and the realmgate wars book this morning :P

also, looks like, atleast in fluff, Durthu is back ... as Spirit of Durthu :)

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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Next week WD hints


Blood flows, the devourer arrives and a quest begins...

thanks @ Gamestrust

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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White Dwarf 79 - part four - Protectors (german)


thanks @,warhammer-age-sigmar-bilder-paladin-modelle-warscrolls-gelaende-euro-preise,id44927.html

Lady Atia

created : about 2 years ago

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