AoS: Daemonking rules from FW? Maybe!

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Forgeworlds answer to the question if we will get propper daemonking rules for AoS (Ang'grath and friends): Maybe. Not much, but alteast we tried :P

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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Head's up! The Order Exodus!

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And the list of stuff that get axed, afaik, and should get sold off in the next days/weeks:

- Brettonia range

High Elves

- Eltharion
- Prince Imrik
- Tyrion
- High Elf Archers
- High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower
- High Elf Spearmen
- Silver Helmets
- Alith Anar, the Shadow King
- Teclis
- Prince Althran
- Korhil
- Lothern Sea Guard
- Handmaiden of the Everqueen
- High Elf Hero with Sword and Shield


- Thorek Ironbrow
- High King Thorgim Grudgebearer
- Grudge Thrower
- Dwarf Bolt Thrower
- Dwarf Lord and Shieldbearers
- Miners
- Thane with Army Banner
- Dwarf Adventurers
- Flame Cannon
- Drunken Dwarfs
- Dwarf Lord
- Dwarf Lord with Great Weapon
- Dwarf Engineer with Brace of Pistols
- Josef Bugman

Dark elves

- Malekith
- Morathi
- Harpies
- Shades
- Reaper Bolt Thrower
- Dreadlord on Dark Steed
- Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress on Cold One
- Cold One
- Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress
- Dark Elf Assassin with Two Hand Weapons
- Dark Elf Sorceress with Skull Staff
- Lokhir Fellheart
- Dreadlord with Great Weapon
- Dread Lord on Cold One

Wood elves

- Sisters of Twilight
- Tree Kin
- Orion, King in the Woods
- Glade Lord/Captain on Great Eagle
- Glade Riders
- Wardancer Command
- Great Eagle
- Glade Lord on Great Stag
- Wardancers
- Warhawk Rider
- Alarielle
- Waywatchers
- Mounted Glade Lord/Captain
- Wood Elf Standard Bearer
- Shadowdancer


- Empire Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed
- Marius Leitdorf
- Balthasar Gelt
- Valten
- Ludwig Schwarzhelm
- Kurt Helborg
- Empire Free Company
- Reiksguard Knights
- Empire Mortar
- Empire Great Cannon
- Captain of the Empire with Sword and Shield
- Markus Wulfhart
- Warrior Priest
- Captain of the Empire

Yep - that's a giant beheading of lots of former special characters, the full Bretonnia range, lots of Elfs and some Dwarfen/Empire stuff.

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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GW Destruction Studio army

Small thumb 1xl

Take a look at GW's rebased Destruction studio army :)

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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AoS: Monstrous Arcanum!

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Howdy Guys and Girls!

FW just released their updated Monstrous Arcanum rules:

Yaaaay, Skinwolves and Fimirs!

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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New Kromlech orc vehicule (and Free shipping coupon)

Small thumb blizt

Morning everyone !!!

Kromlech released a new vehicle !!! And i love it (Atia too, as she's starting 30k orc)

link to the Kromlech

link to Atia 30k orcs ;)

Edit : they do a special free shipping operation until monday (included) with the code : FREE_SHIPPING


created : over 2 years ago

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More WD leaks and Warscrolls

Small thumb image1

The two missing warscrolls and other stuff ^.^

Thanks @

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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Sad news: The Masters of the Chapter

Small thumb screenshot 2016 03 24 15.47.34

Sad news - the cool masters of the chapter they released a few years ago are sold out, and from the information I got are gone for good. I managed to snap a master of marches, and some local stores may still have them, so if you really want one of them and want to go save, try to get them now.

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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Warhammer world terrain showcase.

Small thumb terrainww

Hello everyone !!

The official AOS facebook shared an image of this amazing table. Kind of make me want to play on it !

If you are close to warhammer world you can book table here


created : over 2 years ago

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Total War Warhammer new round up !

Small thumb totalwar

Hello all !!

Lot of new video and info about Total War Warhammer from CA have been regrouped here !

definitively worth a look !!


created : over 2 years ago

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New Warscroll for exalted DeathBringer with lance.

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hey all !!

Just sharing the new warscroll !!
I am not convinced yet but i need to math a little :D
edit : So on HERO i have (2/3 * 2/3 +1/6) * 1/2 = 11/36 (0.3) to do 2 wounds or 11/72 (0.15) to do 3 wounds.


created : over 2 years ago

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