Spoilers: Legacy of Russ - The Young Wolf's Return - Warzone Fenris Death toll starts?!

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Ok, a little spoiler from Legacy of Russ - The Young Wolf's Return, and Warzone Fenris - if you don't want to get spoiled, stop reading here!

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WHQ: My Hero Companion App

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Thanks @ Miniwars (

Lady Atia

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Warhammer Quest - not just a normal boxed game?!

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via mikhaila, dakka, from his/her sales rep:

"Just got off the phone with GW. They are pushing this hard and calling it Warhammer Quest.

Supposedly....(sales rep info here, grain of salt) WQ will be a new line alongside 40k and AOS. More hero boxes, rules for using models from AOS, etc.

Of course, i'm being told this while they try to sell me a ton of copies"

We also know there will be an app for new heroes rules. Making an intro/crossover game for AoS is actually something that worked in the past, so this is a good thing. Alongside 40k (with 30k as spin-off line), and Specialist Games/Middle-Earth, the future is indeed bright.

As usual, take it with a bit of salt.

What do you think about this?

Lady Atia and Bob

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Silver Tower: AoS rules for the good guys!

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Thanks @ Miniwars (

Lady Atia

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - Rules for more Heroes incoming!

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via streetsamurai, dakka

"Game include rules for other daemons of tzeentch. It specifically says screamers, flamers and herald of tzeentch. Even better, page 30 of the wd gives rules to include other kind of heroes. Page 30 is not uploaded unfortunately

Edit : Concerning the other heroes, the guy who uploaded the wd said that in page 30, it is written that GW will releas a silver tower application, and with it you'll be able to BUY the rules of each plastic hero availabe in AOS."

Lady Atia

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Silver Tower: More pics and contents! (Translation too)

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More informations:

"The Warhammer Quest Heroes
6x individual Warhammer Quest heroes
Knight Questor – The Paladin (Stormcast Eternal)
Darkoeth Chieftan – The Barbarian (Free People)
Fyreslayer Doomseeker The Dwarf (Dwarf)
Excelsior War priest & Gryph Hound – The header and war priest companion (Free People)
Mistweaver Saith – Female wizad (Aelf)
Tenebrand Shard – The assassin (Aelf)

The Denizens
44x individual Warhammer Quest monsters that live in the Silver Tower. The below list of miniatures make for a great addition or a start of an original Grand Alliance Chaos army!
Gaunt Summoner
Ogroid Traumaturge
2x Skaven Deathrunners
8x Familiars
6x Tzaangors (Beastmen)
8x Kairic Acolytes
2x Pink Horrors
4x Blue Horrors
4x pairs of Brimstone Horrors
8x Grot Scuttlings

Gaming Accessories
A guide book
An adventure quest book
13x Reversible board tiles with different landscapes
6x Hero character cards
36x Skill and treasure cards
40x Exploration (event) cards, to offer even more variation to the game so that each game will be different.
A booklet with assembly instructions
Gaming accessories such as assorted gaming counters and dice sets "

Translation :

Shard :
It's an usual talk near the campfires, but in truth we know very little about the tenebrea shard, and some even think he's a myth. It is said that he can walk between shadows like you walk from a room to another, or take the form of a shadow to escape. Can he really break a sword empty handed ? Can he stop a beating heart with one icy glare ? No one knows for sure and we can only speculate about the reason this unparalleled killer is present in the tower.

Fireslayer DoomSeeker :
Abandoning the brotherhood links to their lodge, the Doomseekers made a vow leading them a to a solitary life. One Fireslayer never tells the reason of his vow. Maybe it's an initiation, or a Runeson not succeeding his father. Some are the last survivor of a lost lodge, doing their last task for their brothers. Some return to their lodge as hero once the quest is completed, other roam the mortals kingdom to their death. Only the Doomseeker knows the reasons he choose this path to defy the Silver Tower !!

Darkoath Chieftain :
The heros of the silver maze are not all paragons of virtues with pure intentions. Mercyless and brutal, the Darkoath chieftain is a warrior looking for the chaos gods favor, trampling the weak and the coward to better advance on the path of glory ! The chieftain has already beaten a bunch of rivals, beasts and other heroes. Now he wants to challenge himself against the crazy maze of the silver tower, he's ready to risk his life and soul to get his rewards from the master of this place.

Ogroid Thaumaturge :
Excluding his versatile master, no being from the silver tower is more hated and feared than the Ogroid Thaumaturge, a monster right out of a primordial nightmare. He lead the cultists and the beastmen of the silver tower during their rituals and fights. Launching the gaunt summoner minions into the endless battle of the silver tower. Misfortune to the adventurers meeting the Ogroid Thaumaturge because he charges them head down like a frienzed beast, crushing under his hoof and fist. heroes too slow to move out of the way and burning the rest of them with multicolored tzeench flames.

Gaunt summoner :
The terrible master of the silver tower is a demon king with phenomenal occult power. The Gaunt summoner is a god in his infernal domain, he can remodel the impossible landscape of the silver tower on a whim. Summoning or transporting monsters or heroes from different realms to pit them in cruel and endless challenges. In spite of his perversity, the guant summoner is fair play, even if it's in his own deranged way. If a hero triumphs over the tower he grant them a wish. And there is little this sinister sorcerer lord can't accomplish. But rare are the adventurers succeeding and most of them are lost in the impossible maze of the silver tower, serving as plaything for the owner of the place.

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Yes Bretonnian will get points !!!

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Hey !!

Seen on Facebook group "Warhammer Age of sigmar"

Amazing support from GW !!!


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Middle-Earth SBG - new projects previews at Warhammer Fest!

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Thanks @Slinky, dakka:

"We can also announce that Games Workshop’s newly appointed Middle-earth team will be showcasing their projects at Warhammer Fest.

AND you'll get First Access to formerly out-of- production products like all five The Lord of The Rings TM Sourcebooks and several absent Citadel miniatures! We're revealing more soon..."

Lady Atia

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GW Event - 100th store in America (+ Update)

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via The Psycho :*

"Thought you might be interested to know that according to my local GW manager, the whole #GW100 campaign a couple months back was for the opening of the 100th North American GW store on 28 May and on that day there will be an exclusive Space Marine Captain model available only in N. American GW stores."
"Additional information:

The mini will be (apparently) truly exclusive: it will not be available online, or in independent retailers. By the manager's discretion, it may be limited to one per person (that's what mine always does.)

Depending on the store, there may be other events, including auctioning off the giant Space Marine cardboard cutout that stores got for the Space Marine 25th Birthday. "

Lady Atia

Edit 2:
There is hope! via natfka (

"via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The only things I was told were that it's a $20 model made specifically for the event and it is a Space Marine. There are 3,000 world wide, named character, with special rules of his own. Nothing was mentioned about it being free at a certain purchase amount. However, it would not surprise me. Furthermore, it is not supposed to be available online or through and FLGS like what happened with the last LE model. This one is supposed to strictly be available at a GW store in person.

One extra tidbit is that there is a special signed artwork for each of the 100 GW North American stores"

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Silver tower image !!!

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Hello everyone !!

New images for the Silver tower (from Facebook + gurvan on Warfo )


edit : 51 models, 125€, double faced terrain (13) two books (rules and adventure) 2 to 4 players. Different objective (some are here for the LOOT!!!, other to kill the Gaunt summoner. Adventure book is 40 pages with 9 adventures.

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