Forgeworld Bulletin: Imperial Fists, Alpha Legion and Knights

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today FW gives us a teaser look at the AL and IF transfer sheets, aswell as a look at an Imperial Knights force painted by Dominik Oedinger.

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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A convergence of fate battle report ! (1vs1vs1)


Hello girls and boys !!!

Yesterday we played the famous vpc only battleplan : "Convergence of Fate".

3 players. We planned to be four, but the High elves player got cold feets !!

battle plan summary :

Multiplayer battle : 1 vs 1 vs 1
-At the center of the table there is a relic, at the end of turn 6 the player with the most model in 3" around the relic win, simple as that.
-If an unit is within 10" of the relic, no battleshock.
-If an unit within 5" of the relic suffer a wound or mortal wound, on a 6+ you save it.
-At the start of each turn each player can choose an enemy (reroll 1) or an ally. You can betray you ally during the hero phase by using a command power to break the alliance (he become your enemy) .

House rules

->We use a 10% limit for invocation.
->We usually measure from base, but today we wanted to try a big battle with the official rule.

The army :

3 armies worth 750 pt (using this website point system)

I) The beastmen !

-Gorthor the beastlord
-Bray shaman
-Standard bearer
-20 gors with shield
-20 gors with shield
-10 gors
-10 ungors
-10 bestigors

II) The sylvaneth

- Treelord ancient
- Treelord ancient
- 12 Dryad
- 1 Branchwraith
- 5 glade riders
- 1 Sylvaneth wildwoods (50pts)

III) Skaven

- 1 warlord
- 1 Engineer
- 1 pack master
- 1 flamer team
- 1 gaz mortar team
- 1 warp laser canon
- 2 rat ogre
-13 storm vermin
- 20 clan rats
-10 clan rats
-10 clan rats


The image up there is end of turn 1, nothing much happened, skaven and sylvaneth allied this turn. The mortar rolled a 1 on pump de distance and took 2 wounds. The beast wave rushed toward the tree army , and the tree took the middle of the map (using the WildWood in the center of the map)

created : over 2 years ago

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Release the Kraken !!!! (Battlemat)


Hello girls and boys !

The other day i was on the age of sigmar facebook group, and i saw a post for a battle mat giveaway. After registering (free stuff is always good) i checked the quality of the product and found the design to be awesome !!! (see below)

Contact :

website :

facebook :

You can meet them in Spiel´15 fair in Essen. Hall 2 F-119. (if one of you go take pics !)

created : over 2 years ago

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A kickstarter you can't miss !

Battletech 03

>>> WHAT

BATTLETECH is a single-player, turn-based, tactical 'Mech combat game for PC. (And Mac and Linux!) The game may also include PVP multiplayer if enough funding is reached - more on that below.


The BattleTech Universe is one of near-constant warfare and feudal political intrigue, where great noble houses vie for dominance of a vast region of space known as the Inner Sphere. It's a universe of flawed heroes, fallen empires and grey moral realities. Great families vie for supremacy, with alliances and betrayals constantly shifting the balance of power.

>>> WHEN

Our BATTLETECH game is set in the popular 3025 Succession Wars Era of the BattleTech Universe - often referred to as "Classic BattleTech".

created : over 2 years ago

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Stormsurge up for pre-order - and some products no longer available @ NZ

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

The Stormsurge and some bundles are up for pre-order, and atleast @ NZ, the Tau Battleforce, Codex: Tau and the Farsight Supplement are no longer available :)

Stormsurge (keep in mind, this are NZ prices :P)

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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Warhammer 40k: new Tau decal sheet

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Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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XV95: Ghostkeel Stealthsuit prices and rules


via natfka :) (

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit is the only release next week. The box comes with 3 miniatures, the Ghostkeel and 2 stealth drones costing £ 45/ €60/ $75 USD/ 90 Can/ AU 125/ NZ 150

From what I can see compared to other models near it it's very big, maybe not riptide size but very close.

"Hints" for the week after can't be any more obvious lol -"The third sphere expansion hits the Damocles Gulf!"

The Ghostkeel is an elite choice that comes with 2 stealth drones for each Ghostkeel. It's a Jet Pack Monstrous Creature, and you can take 1-3. It has the normal Tau BS 3 with 4 wounds, but only a T5. However the 3+ save with +2 to it's cover save outside of 12" should make up for it.

The main gun- Fusion Collider is an 18" S8 AP1 melta blast gun that can be exchanged for a Ion weapon that is more infantry based with a S7AP4 Assault 6 gun that can overcharge for additional strength and a large blast.

It also has a twin- linked flamer that can be exchanged out for a TL bust cannon or fusion blaster.

The model has gear that doubles the cover saves to a max of +2 but also gains shrouded from it's drones. It seems powerful with stealth, shrouded, and the limited doubling, but I have not had time to read the details to see what stacks.

Two support systems are also allowed for upgrades. Cost wise its a little over a hundred and a quarter.

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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FW new releases - Contemptor Volkite Culverin

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This week from ForgeWorld - the twin-linked Volkite Culverin :)

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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Stormsurge WD leaks part 3

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Take another look at the Stormsurge :)

thanks @ Gamestrust

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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German white dwarf leaks + next week spoiler


Nice close up image !

created : over 2 years ago

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