New Products for the Warhammer 40,000 Open Days

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Hello again !!

November 25-26 it's the 40k Open day and a few product will aviable first there.
-Gor half Horn Bounty Hunter
-Red scorpion old CM dread.(Culn)
-Primaris Super Tank
-Red Scorpion regent.


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Necromunda: How to build Escher !

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Hello everyone !!!

Duncan show the options and method to build your Escher clan !

ps : Click on the image to start the video !


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A Beastman in the Underhive?

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Hello everyone !!

Big news :

Whether you’re planning on playing with the warrior-women of House Escher or conquering the underhive through the might of House Goliath, thanks to Forge World, you’ll be able to add a bestial bounty hunter to your roster – if you’ve got the credits.

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Today on pre order

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hello everyone !!

It's necromunda Pre order day !
NOTE : it's a 15 days pre order as release is 21 11

-Necromunda box
-Goliath set
-Esher set
Gang war book
Doors pack
Objectives pack
Dice for Goliath
Dice for Esher
Gang war tactics for both gang (on deck for each)

Promethium Refinery
Thermic plasma Condtuis
Plasma Regulators.

Warhammer Quest: Chaos Adversaries Cards

Disciples of Tzeentch
Gaunt Summoner (Mighty Adversary)
Herald of Tzeentch (Mighty Adversary)
Ogroid Thaumaturge
Kairic Acolytes
Tzaangor Skyfires
Tzaangor Enlightened
Horrors of Tzeentch
Screamers of Tzeentch
Flamers of Tzeentch
Exhalted Flamer of Tzeentch

Lord of Plagues (Mighty Adversary)
Herald of Nurgle (Mighty Adversary)
Putrid Blightkings

Slaughterpriest (Mighty Adversary)
Skull Grinder (Mighty Adversary)
Deathbringer (Mighty Adversary)
Blood Warriors

Warlord (Mighty Adversary)
Grey Seer (Mighty Adversary)
Pack Master
Rat Ogres
Night Runners
Clan Rats
Plague Monks
Giant Rats

Slaves to Darkness
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Mighty Adversary)
Chaos Lord (Mighty Adversary)
Chaos Warriors
Chaos Marauders

Other Adversaries
Grot Scuttlings


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Scenery talk at warhammer tv.

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Small thumb regulator

Hello everyone !!

Talk is ongoing about the new scenery !

Nothing new at 16h16 (uk time).

But some precision about the scenery incoming for christmas (ruins, plasma generator, plasma regulator).
They worked very hard on the modularity with the Mechanicus sector. So they are compatible, pipe are the same height, 2 panels cover to fix on the coursives, generators lot of stuff.

Tbh it's quite hard to retranscrit this discussion, they are very fun but it's a bit chaotic !

Q/A :

-An extra topper for the painting handle is planned i guess.
-All scenery box for 40k have rules and all older scenery will be update to 8th
-You can stack power pipe on top of each other.
-Dragondais is out of stock (i heard right ?


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Games workshop Humble Bundle !

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Small thumb humblebundle

Hello everyone !!

Huge discount by humble bundle on many GW video games.

Check it here

There is 2 pages, but missing the last 2 big games (Vermintide 2 and Total war 2)


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Esher gang presentation

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Small thumb jelena

Hello again !

Transcript of the second interview (in depth explanation of the Esher clan).

Tactic show : Necromunda UnderHive (Esher House)

The game use an I go you go encapsulated in a turn sequence.

Each activation you have 2 actions: Simple (no max), Basic action (like a simple action but limited to one per turn, shooting, attacking), Complex action, take the full round : Charge.

Very close to a rpg system.


Works like AOS/8th for M,ws,bs,w,A.
Init 3+ : above average useful to : avoid fall, disengage,
Ld : Above average 7+,
Cool : Less cool than average 8+,
Will & Int : are above average. 7+

S = short range
L = Long range

S = Short range mod
L = Long range mod

Stre = Strength

Ap = Amor pen

D = 1

Am = 2+ (ammo roll)

Plentiful quality : Use action to reload and doesn't need to roll. (by extension you can reload on any weapon you have if you spend an action and pass the ammo roll.)

Stilleto knife

+1 to hit,
toxin : if wound a target, 2d6 vs T+1d6 or injury roll.

Flak Armour

6+ save,  5+ vs explosion


Before an attack with a toxic weapon, use action, give a -1 to toughness test,
Need to roll a cool test if you are in combat.
10 cred (cheap)

Choke gas grenade

3'' blast, on a hit roll a D6 vs T if you equal or max = wound roll.


las pistol : same stats as a lasgun but with shorter range.
Pistol : Usable in close combat once each. Can use both hand at -1 hit and shoot twice.
Gun figther skill : remove the -1 to hit while dual attacking (she doesn't have the skill but was explained there)


Power sword
Str + 1, -2 AP
Parry : Force to re roll on successful attack. (stack if you have two sword)
Power : Can't parry a power weapon without a power weapon.


Autogun : same as a lasgun but with rapid fire.
Rapid fire  = Roll 1 special ammo dice to get up to extra 2 hits.

Frag grenade = good point is deviation are stopped by wall and obstacle.
They have knockback.
Knockback = push 1'' away.

Tumala champion

Better stats all around but T & S . (Goliath champ don't get improved ws bs.)

Chem-thrower : Gaz flamer, use the template (teardrop one), anything you touch is hit, you don't need to roll to hit.

Have the Gaz rule (roll a dice vs T if you beat or equal, wound roll).

Sprint : If you double move, the second move action count as twice (so 3X move)

Marika champion

Normal Esher champion stat,
Plasma pistol, work like 8th plasma.

Scare = Can't reload using an action. Only way to reload is looting a chest during the game.
Unstable = can explode, if you roll the "ammo" symbol need to check ammo if failed the weapon explode.
Counter attack = If someone attack you in melee you get an extra attack for counter attacking. (By extension you can strike back after an attack have been resolved.)

Jelena Leader

Extra attack,
5+ LD is strong.
Combi = If the Boltgun run out of ammo, the needle rifle can shoot too.
Versatile = Can be used as a melee action or ranged action.
Shock, on a 6+ to hit, auto wound.
Rally : Leader can use LD roll during her activation to rally broken friendly models.

Tactics cards

4 specific to house Esher :

-Stealthy advance : Free move at the start of the game.
-Scrag : Enemy fighter must roll cool if a friend get taken down at 9'' or get a -2 at 3''


Stre vs T works like in 8th.

Hit = pinning, to remove pinning you need to use a move action. So even the lowly lasgun is good.

Pair of weapon = Extra attack (pistol, melee ...)

Pinned = you go down on a HIT and you need to spend an action to get up.

Charging = Grant an extra attack.

For LD, CL, Wil, Int are rolled with 2D6 and need to roll equal or more.

Gaz : Roll 1 dice, if you roll T or more, injury roll.
Toxin : 2d6 vs T+1d6 or injury roll.

Can flame template over friendly !

Champions start with 1 skills.

If you use a weapon that deal 2w on a 1w target you roll 2 injury roll.

If you are attacked in melee you can strike back after attack resolution.

Champions : When a champion activate you can activate a ganger in a 4 '' at the same time.

Conclusion : Lot of interesting stuff, the only thing that i will regret will be the old melee system that were perfect for Necromunda. I just hope that the strike back after being attack work well enough to replace it.


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Andy Hoare - Necromunda interview!

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Small thumb andyhoare1

Hello everyone !!

Huge interview with Andy about the Necromunda box and the future of the game:

Andy Hoare:

Project manager,
Specialist Games Team of seven - started last year with Blood Bowl.
They were working on Necromunda since a long time.
Favorite game of Andy, still plays it.
When all the plastic terrain was ready he asked his boss to do a new Necromunda and they said Yes!
They are talking about Underhive no the 3D campaign today - next week is about the Supplement book.

First version was Confrontation in WD.
Then 1995 classic boxset, played since then.
Revisited in 2000 by the old fanatic studio.
Dedicated groups are still playing the old version today.
Andy Hoare group plays it, house rules it, amends it, created new stuff.

Duplicate sprues but 10 different models can be made!
2 for each gang.
Objectives and tentacle sprue,
traps (used with gang tactic cards)
Priority marker.
Hatches and doors: designed to fit with zone mortalis and other FW scenery.
Rules book: you need it, even if you want to do 3D only. Underhive is a complete game.
9 tiles same size as Zone Mortalis tiles.

Andy says:
They played Necromunda so much on mortalis that the 2D tiles weren't a compromise.
Beta tester really liked the game in 2D, and it didn’t felt like a starter set used to learn the game.
Even if you see square on the tiles you still use inches in game, so it’s really necromunda on tiles.

Punch counter:
-Ready and pinned counter are recto verso
-Pre generated gangs are on cards to get started super fast.
-Fire is back in the game,
-You can go prone and remove fire.
-Vision arcs: because models have facing (like warmachine)
-place a duct between walls to go through it - you can even launch a grenade, fire through it etc.
-Lot of skills allow you to by pass overwatch, backstab ppl.

Custom dice:
-2 sets
-Gang specific dice. (adding pics soon)

22 blank cards
Are already laminated !!!! so you can erase
Gang tactics: Generics, esher, goliath. Future gang will get future cards.
They have extra set of gang tactics cards ready to sell, not the same in the box, they are extension cards.

Andy Hoare plays rogue trader all the time !! so he added the old stat (int and all) to grant a lot of different options/
Stat line of different gangs set them apart and with gangs tactic’s they play really different.

Zone Mortalis bases, designed to match the tiles of the boards but also with details of mechanicus

Can’t buy the rulebook on it’s own. Because dice needed, but good values.

PDF on the web site, live on the game release date, for orlock, van sar, etc.. but only for the weapons the original metal models got. So don’t get too hyped.

Orlocks are next year.
One plastic team every quarter +possible few wd, pdf article.
Brand new gangs are hyped.
John blanche made a book a of 80pages of fluff but the book went missing. And then new archivist of GW TIM found this book for andy. SO LOT OF inspiration.
Box set available in: eng, fren, german.
They have stock of the box - don't be scared, you should get your box if you pre-order.

Total rewrite of the rules for underhive. Gang war 3D, is built on the underhive rule set.
It’s a "I go, you go": “interleave turn” system. So you can active more than 1 models (no details on how).

Gang tactics:
All scenario use them in a different way : choose, drawn at random, weak side can draw more or choose. There is a lot of granularity with these.

Fire power dice : Each time you roll to hit, you roll 1+ fire power dice (depending on the weapon). Work as a sustained fire dice and ammo dice.

Red tiles: The box is a necromunda loading dock. It’s a training room at start and will be used for multiplayers 3+ (pit fight style) or future scenario.

Lvl up:
Gangs are more than the 15 players you used to have in necromunda classic.
Now you can select a crew before each scenario.
Specialist, juvie and champion get skills, gangers can’t but can be promoted to champ or specialist.
Rules for juvie will be in gangs war book, with a lot of importance. If the juvie survive a few games it became the star of the gang(no more details but lot of hype around the juvie.)

WW preparing a map of underspire in 3D.

Gang war games use a 4by4 size table.

Support class: doc, ratling cook, ….(4 planned)
FW upgrade are already on the way to new weapons, iconic item …
House weapons blitzer will be made with rules to them !
They want to make rules for everything possible to allow kitbashing a goliath with a driller !
Champions are the new heavy !

Genestealer and Chaos Cults will get rules down the line. Maybe quite early via online or WD!!
All the Genestealer Cult weapons are usable by all other gangs too, so have fun kit-bashing stuff!


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Necromunda Unboxing (by Gorrilla Painting)

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Small thumb cover12

Hello everyone !!

Gorilla Painting from NZ (connected to a shop there i think) made an unboxing of the Necromunda 2dbox + comment on the Gang wars extension.

I) Sprue and plastic

2 Sprues per gang. Duplicate but with quite of lot of customisation (weapons, arms, face, hair)
1 Objective sprue
1 doors Sprue
1 template sprue
Bases (textured one)

II) Assembly notice :

Lot of optional choice make an extra gang box a must have to get 20 customized models !! with cutting drilling and magnet maybe wysiwyg could be doable in Necromunda !!

III) Tiles, Box and punch cards !

9 tiles dual sided
The bottom of the box count as an extra room (haha good idea)

IV) Cards

Riding the cards Hype you can use them to play the starting gang in the 2D game and create gangs using the blank one.
It could be a good idea to use sleeves or laminating them to use eraser pen. Ps: Cards are not compatible with MTG sleeve.

Then there are gangs tactics (More detail in the gameplay vid today on twitch)

V) Book

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Phil Kelly talk (Stormcast Fluff)

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Small thumb phjilkelly

Hello everyone !!

-Stormcast : become less and less human. Glitch in the reforging, the flaw. Each Stormhost have a different flaw.
Ie : hammer of sigmar : get lightning from eyes and stuff.
Hollowed knight : Glow, driven by vengeance, but get diluted, forgot memory and become a storm warrior fighting the chaos.

Dhorgar (archeon steed) can kill SC permently. (few other magic axe/sword).

Overtime the SC rules will represent flaw in the reforging.

-Hammer of sigmar : poster boy front line.
-hallowed knight : Zealot, worhsip sigmar really hard. So pure, evil magic work less on them.
-Astral Templar : Uncivilised, barbaric, Recruited from jungle. Big on killing big monster. They don't really fear, the bigger the foe the more they want to kill hom. They are the big game hunter.
-Celestial vindicator : Almost berzeker, on the brink of death they want strengh and are driven by rage/hate. They want revenge (hinted that their flow are becoming more more and more hatefull).
-Celestial warbringer : Tribe that can see their own death ! So they are quite fearless cuz they know when their death is. They are warrior mystic.
-hammer of hammerhal : Previoussly death warrior rezed as Stormcast.
-Lion of sigmar : In dev, big on lightining fast strike and big roar (not much investment for now)

No dwarf storm cast anytime soon.

Celestant prime stay shrouded in mystery, but when he smite someone there a small chance to redeem him and send the soul in azyr. (they even made a few new sc)

Neave Black talon : Assassin, knight zephyros, unstopoble , living whirlwind. Rivalreay with slimax the deamon. She's to uncompromising, too quick to jump to conclusion

Angrad Brightshield : Classic liberator, stuck in Shadespire, very skilled in defense.

He then give a recap of the first season (Finding ghal maraz, God beast, all gate war). They have years of story in front of them.

Cities : 3 big one, (industry, living one, mystic one) all in the realm of life. Hammerhall in fire/life (no reveleation) just an enumeration of different cities. They have invested lot of time on them (with the box set), they even want to dev some politics aspect.

Redeem guy(chaos worshiper reforged) should not fall in chaos again.

More female Stormcast are coming !

Nothing exceptional but still a great interview.


Ps: didn't had time to correct names and grammar, will do later !

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