Blackstone Fortress - Overview + ongoing support

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Big overview for Blackstone Fortress - via Warhammer Community.

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Black Library Weekender: The Reveals (Official)

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Hello there !

The headline news is that the Siege of Terra will be an eight-book series, launching globally in hardback in May 2019 with John French’s The Solar War

Want to know more about The Solar War and the Siege of Terra? Check out this video interview with John French where he talks about what went into planning this eight-book extravaganza and more besides:

Don’t want to wait six months to start reading about the final battle? You’re in luck, as in March, you’ll be able to pick up The Solar War in a limited edition A5 hardback. Details of what this limited edition looks like will come later… but for now, you can prepare yourselves to read the start of the Siege of Terra in just four months.

Of course, the Siege of Terra is the final act of a series that’s spanned more than 50 books – and the final instalment in the buildup to that great battle is on the way. It’s called The Buried Dagger, it’s by James Swallow, and it’s out soon. Also on its way is the hardback edition of Guy Haley’s Corax: Lord of Shadows, from the Primarchs series

If you’ve never experienced the first few volumes in the Horus Heresy series, there’ll soon be a chance to pick them up in hardback for a limited time, with a very special Print on Demand offer. From the 17th of November, for just two weeks, you’ll be able to order Print on Demand hardback editions of the first five books in the Horus Heresy series: Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames, The Flight of the Eisenstein and Fulgrim. These novels have all been out of print in hardback for a while, so they’re a great way to complete your collection – or start a new one.

At Black Library Live in June, the team unveiled a brand-new imprint coming from Black Library in 2019: Warhammer Horror. Today, they confirmed the opening line-up for this new range, consisting of three new titles, and reprints of four classic novels – with a new twist.

The three new releases each take a familiar horror trope and weave it into the fantastical settings of the Warhammer universes. Maledictions is a short story anthology, featuring dark and sinister tales from a host of established horror writers, including Cassandra Khaw, Alec Worley and Lora Gray, alongside well known Black Library authors, such as Graham McNeill and David Annandale. With eleven stories from the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms, this is a must-read for all fans of the spooky and supernatural.

Alec Worley has also authored an audio drama – Perdition’s Flame – which tells a chilling Warhammer 40,000 tale of a disgraced Vostroyan trooper seeking redemption.

The last of the three launch titles coming in March 2019 is The Wicked and the Damned, a Warhammer 40,000 portmanteau built of three horror novellas themed around a trio of battered survivors on a cemetery world, each telling their tale of how they came to be there. The three instalments are written by Josh Reynolds, David Annandale and Phil Kelly.

Coming in the months after the launch are the four classic Warhammer Chronicles titles starring the vampire Genevieve. Fans of a certain vintage may remember these books – Drachenfels, Beasts in Velvet, Genevieve Undead and Silver Nails – which hail from an early time of the world-that-was and give a very different view of the Old World than stories that came later.

Each of these was written by veteran horror writer and journalist Kim Newman, under the pseudonym Jack Yeovil, and for the first time ever, these new editions will feature Kim’s real name – and each will have an introduction by the author, along with astonishing new cover art.

Our Martyred Lady

After the successful launch of Realmslayer last month, it’s time for Warhammer 40,000 to receive a similar audio boxed set – and it’s coming in the form of Our Martyred Lady. Written by Gav Thorpe, this tells a four-part tale of Saint Celestine and Inquisitor Greyfax as they work together to try and prevent a holy war within the Ecclesiarchy that could disrupt the balance of power in the Dark Imperium.

The cast for Our Martyred Lady is headlined by a famous face – none other than comedian, actor, writer and (obviously) voice artist Catherine Tate, perhaps best known worldwide for her role as Donna Noble in television’s Doctor Who.

Another pair of audio dramas were announced as well – both by Nick Kyme. Nightfane continues the story of Aeonid Thiel in the Horus Heresy, while The Imprecations of Daemons is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar story with a truly gorgeous cover.

Tempting new Warhammer 40,000 titles include a return to the Deathwatch for Steve Parker with Shadowbreaker, and an intriguing-looking new tome by Peter Fehervari called Requiem Infernal. Joining them are Andy Clark’s Celestine: The Living Saint, exploring the trials Saint Celestine undergoes when she dies and returns to life, and Cadian Honour by Justin D Hill, continuing the story of the survivors of the shattered fortress world.

A trio of forthcoming omnibus editions combining classic novels and short stories from the 41st Millennium are also en route, giving you a chance to experience tales from the past anew.

From the Mortal Realms, there’s both Order and Chaos on the way with David Guymer’s Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods and a Varanguard-themed novel called Scourge of Fate by Robbie MacNiven. Alongside them is Gods & Mortals, a short story anthology featuring a host of tales from across the realms focusing on the great heroes and mighty battles of the Age of Sigmar.

Experience some of the greatest tales from the world-that-was in a pair of omnibus editions, collecting a second volume of Gotrek & Felix stories, and a host of tales from Karak Eight Peaks, encompassing the three-way battle between dwarfs, goblins and skaven that raged for decades around that contested fortress.

We’re very sorry to say that, due to health reasons, Brian Blessed was not able to attend the Black Library Weekender event as planned. We know that many of you were looking forward to meeting the new Voice of Gotrek this weekend – and we’re sorry for any disappointment caused. We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing Brian a swift recovery.

Keep an eye out for more information about everything revealed at the Black Library Weekender – coming your way as soon as we have it. In the meantime, head to and check out the latest releases, such as the first-ever Black Library Novella Series, which you can pre-order now.

That's a lot of books !

More info there :


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Black Library Weekender

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Hello everyone !!

What a busy week end.

So siege of terra
-8 books
-Hardback first in march and May 2019
-Usual HH format will come late.

Warhammer Horor
-First horror audibook
-Kim Newman is doing theses.

Huy haley is going a book on Corax and it'll be surprising.

Coverage by the Bolthole (


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Blackstone Fortress info & 40k points

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Hello there !

40k points value for the units of BSF from Valrak Twitter

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Christmas Bundle & Price

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Hello there !

Christmas bundle from Chater Master ValraK (i love writing his name and i don't know why ^^)
The price are in Yen 23000y is around 180€

-Space Marines Primaris
-Imperial fist


(no Beast ?)


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The new painting handles are on pre order + Terrain Bundles

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Hello there !

The new hanldles and the WATER POT ! are up on pre-orders !

Link to the UK shop

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Blood and Glory AOS championship is underway (stream)

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Hello there !

Blood and Glory is happening right now !!
All the week end you can watch AOS game on the Warhammer twitch.

To watch :
-Click on the main image in this post (it work even if you don't see the play icon on it) .
-Check the stream window on our homepage
-Follow this link :

Right now it's Nurgle vs Nagash legion

Rulepack :


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New Karanak Model and Slaanesh Harpyst

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hello again !!

Karanak is going to be BIG !
The Slaanesh harp Player is a bit too far but i hope it's a wizard.


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Blackstone Fortress content

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Hello there :

Squinting at the models trying to work out what they all are? We’ve got you covered – here are some detail shots of Amallyn Shadowguide, an Aeldari Ranger who has thrown her lot in with the other explorers searching for the Blackstone Fortress…

…and this awesome Ministorum Priest, Taddeus the Purifier, a zealot who’s following visions he believes were given to him by the Emperor himself.

AND, to cap it all of, here are a pair of all-new Chaos Space Marines!

We’ll have more news on what this all means for you on Sunday. Make sure to check back then for our most in-depth preview of Blackstone Fortress so far…

Full review the 10


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Vigilus Teaser Trailer

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Hello there :

Over the past few months, we’ve heard all sorts of news from Vigilus – a war-torn world on the frontier of the Imperium beset by invaders from… well, pretty much everywhere. Now, it’s time for the Imperium to strike back…

Incoming astropathic transmission from Vigilus...

Vigilus calls for aid, but who will answer? Something tells us things might get worse before they get better for this beleaguered sentinel world…


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