Next Week on pre order : Khorne !!!!

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Hello again everyone !!

Next week on pre-order:
New Blade of Khorne battletome (All khorny thing in AOS)

3 Non Endless spells of Khorne

Bloodmaster (BL buffbot)

New skulltaker (love this painting)

Skull Altar (Buff Khorne Priest and disrupt wizard in a bubble)

Also :

Karanak and Flesh hounds available separately

+Rules for 40k for Altar, skulltaker and bloodmaster.


created : 13 days ago

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Shadowspear review !

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Hello there !!

Yesterday we received the Shadowspear box by GW. Even if most of the contents/rules have been spoiled I'd like to make a small review of what is good or not inside.

General content

The box contents are :
-1 mini dex for Primaris
-1 mini dex for Chaos
-1 campaign book
-Bunch of models.

Let's start with the sons of Gulliman, the Vanguard Primaris!

Primaris Mini dex

-They included rules for non-codex compliant characters in Phobos armour.
-Phobos is a new keyword used
-Captain in Phobos armour: Ranged captain with sniping, prevent deep strike within 12, infiltrate, camo cloaks and 4++
-Librarian in Phobos armour: get the camo cloak, infiltrate, cast 2 deny 1
-Lieut in Phobos armour: deepstrike end of mov
-Infiltrator, new unit, infiltrate, prevent deepstrike within 12", 1 apo heal/rez each turn. Their main weapon is normal bolter + auto wound on 6 (meh)
-Suppressor Squad: deep strike end of mov, prevent overwatch if they destroy a model, standard autocannon.
-Eliminator squad: Sniper, infiltrate and camo cloaks, sniping rule, 3 types of ammo (+dmg, shoot without los, -damage +nb of shots)

That's it for the unit rules, nothing extraordinary but look fun.

Psychic Power
Most of these power works only on the models in Phobos armour (buff)
-Shrouding affected unit can only be shot if closest target.
-Gaze, target unit reroll failed ranged attack.
-Temporal Corridor: must do an advance with 3dice (keep best) as if in move phase. Once per turn.
-Hallucination: -1ld and -1 to rolls if fail an ld roll.
-Curse: Halve move and 1 MW, (can't use it on a flying unit)
-Mind raid, 1 MW + roll 3d6 to gain 1 CP (wow)

-After shooting you can advance
-Relocate 3 units before game start
-+1mv/advance/charge for
-minus 1 to hit warlord
-Give +1 to hit to one unit against a specific target unit.
-+1 dmg to ranged attack, reroll hit and wound (niceee) apply to relics.

That's it for the Primaris !!

Daemonkin mini dex

The big new rule here is the Daemonic Ritual: Chaos character can sac move to try summoning. Roll 3 dice and summon the result worth of battle power. Double and Triple are bad for you ;)

-Master of Possession : Normal psycher with a 5++ and a 12" bubble of warp peril. (cast 2 deny 1)
-Chaos SPace Mariens : no change
-Greater Posseded : New characters, can take unit of 2 that act alone, buff nearby deamon, melee beast !
-Obliterators: random weapons like before (assault 6 now), deep strike, 2+/5+ and 4 wounds.
-VenomCrawler: new Defiler like engine, 2d3 shot that start at str 8 ap2 D3 damage, decent melee with 4attacks (str8 ap3 d3). Still, with a 4+ws/bs it's kind of bad. good synergy with the Greater Posseded with that +1str bonus that applies on his ranged too!

Malefic Discipline
-Incursion: Summon daemon with 4d without peril.
-Sacrifice, deal dmg to friendly to regen hp. (works better with a daemon engine/warpsmith combo)
-Buff random aspect of spawn, obliterators.
-Possession: Self-buff in melee and create spawn if destroy inf characters.
-Cursed earth: 6" bubble of +1 to daemon save.
-Infernal power: reroll 1 for wound and hit for daemon within 6"

A lot of buff for an evil spell list!

Warlord Traits
-Know one extra spell.
-1 extra deny
-one reroll per game + extra CP on a 6 when casting a spell
-+6 range on smite
-Reroll1 on psychic spell
-+1str and reroll force weapon dmg.

Shadowspear Campaign book

Some fluffs , some narrative mission, 1 campaign branch tree.


Model list :
Citadel Miniatures
35 single-pose plastic miniatures:

Vanguard Space Marines
- 1 Captain in Phobos armour
- 1 Librarian in Phobos armour
- 1 Lieutenant in Phobos armour
- 3 Suppressors
- 3 Eliminators
- 10 Infiltrators

Daemonkin Chaos Space Marines
- 1 Master of Possession
- 1 Venomcrawler equipped
- 2 Obliterators
- 2 Greater Possessed
- 10 Chaos Space Marines

Model Review

Quality is still GW and this is an incredible set of models, even if the price is getting up again. Obliterators are really really big now !!.
The venomcrawler is smaller than expected and he could share a box with something else (a new design again ?).
I really like the new Phobos stuff even if it's maybe a bit too much Infinity like for some people. I don't understand the outrage about the grave chute suppressor.

All models are mono pose and most of them share sprues.

note that: Librarian, master of possession and Phobos captain are on individual sprue for single release.


A new milestone again for the new 40k universe. The chaos is coming back with a 2019 fresh look and the Primaris range is getting thicker and announce the replacement of the Small marines (that are too small for me to even considerate now.)

Rule wise it seems kind of weak but we'll need complete rules available in future releases to judge!
Yea Venom crawler look bad for the price in points(130!) Maybe points will be updated in the full codex.

That's it for now! You can ask questions I'll try to answer. :D


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Today on Pre order : Shadowspear !

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Hello everyone !!

Today the day !! You can pre order Shadowspear (ship 15/03/2019).
price is 105£

ps: We just received our test product, full review tonight !


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Forge World Pre-Orders

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Small thumb nbhearo

Hello everyone !!

FW pre orders are :
-Elfhelm, Captain of Rohan, Foot & Mounted
-Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotspawn


created : 15 days ago

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The Rumour Engine – 5th March, 2019

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Hello there !!

So now that the Daemon engine is behind us.
Where does this Phat Loot come from ? New warhammer Quest ?


created : 18 days ago

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Vigilus Ablaze: New Havocs

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Hello there !!

What’s this Havoc carrying? Looks like the Warpsmiths have been cooking up some new guns. Emperor, help us all…

new havoc !


created : 18 days ago

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

6 Editions and 13 Black Crusades later - Big A finally looks like he's supposed to be - and he is Primarch-sized!

Lady Atia

created : 18 days ago

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Mark X - Phobos Pattern Power Armour

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some informations about the newest sub-pattern of power armour - via Warhammer Community :)

created : 18 days ago

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VoxCast: Jes Goodwin and Shadowspear

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Small thumb screenshot 2019 03 04 21.50.46

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Voxcast Video with Jes Goodwin and it's all about the new Vanguard Space Marines and Chaos Daemonkin from Shadowspear - enjoy.

Lady Atia

created : 19 days ago

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Shadowspear: Unboxed

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some unboxing pictures from Warhammer Community =)

Lady Atia

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