Kharadron official video

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Hello again !

The official Battletome video !


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Synergy and Combo for Kharadrons

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Morning everyone !!

Now that you got an idea of what is in the book, I'd like to share a few cute combinations I found.

NB : (To be honest Barak Mhornar is my favorite and strongest sky port)

General consideration:

Positive :

- I think they are going to be a good army once everything is figured out. Really strong shooting, lots of movement tricks, Deepstrike, a few strong melee hitters, Anti flying tech. Mine + thunderer combo is really strong against melee (see point VI).


Weakness :

- I am not sure about the impact of having no shield spells with iron clad at 4+ and frigate at 5+.
- Counterspelling is a big investment unless you play vs flyer ^^
- No generic hero with a jet pack :(
- Limited number of units (even if they are quite cool)
- Being able to Roll 4+ :D
- Only 1 battleline unit and no possibilities to have another one with battalion or command.

A few good synergies with them.

I ) Morhnar bombardment

Command trait Opportunistic Privateers = grants reroll against one unit of choice if you are 3" from your general.
10 thunderer with mortar + 1 Aether Khemist + 1 general from Mohrnar = 20 shots, 36"range, hit on 4+ with reroll, wound on 3+ with 1d3 dmg. Math says : 15 hit, 10 saves (each wound is d3). Very good against low save high number units.
threat range is : 4 + d6 + 36 on first turn ^^

ps : I will not comment if it's possible to stack 2 khemist effect on a single unit ^^.

Option : You can do the same combo with Barak Thrygg, choose 1d3 units at start of game and reroll 1 to wound and hit. Math is around 11.5 hits, 8.5 saves but doesn't involve the general.

II) Frigate Death star (still in Morhnar)
1 frigate 10 thunderers, 1 Morhnar general, 1 khemist.
In the hero phase disembark and move in position.
Choose an enemy unit that you want to die and get reroll to hits.
20 Aethercanon shot with 4+ to hit with reroll, 2+ to wound, -2 rend, d3 dmg. = 13 saves with -2 rends * 1d3 dmg ^^

III) Skywardens.

My favorite units are the skywardens - they are cheap, move fast and won't count towards the number of embarked dwarves. yay
3 skywardens are 100pt.
You can easily disembark, move and charge.
Each one of them get 2 melee attacks at 4+ to hit, 3+ to wounds, -1 rends , d3.

ps : I think I am going to use magnets with them - I want to be able to kit them full melee or keep the option to go full specials weapons as a skirmish units.

Option : With the right battalion (escort wing give +1 to hit against 1 unit per turn in the shooting phase) I can disembark 9 of them, move, shoot and shoot 18 volley gun shot + 3 explosive drill at a 24" range.

IV) First round ship Alpha !

Iron sky Squadron grants: 1 extra shot PER WEAPONS on first turn for frigate.
Barak-Morhnar grants: run and shoot on first turn ! + reroll against 1 unit. (you can get the run and shoot for generic sky ports.)

You need : 2 frigates, 1 ironclad, 2 Arkanauts with 3 sky hook each + 2 khemist = (1520pt) you can add a third frigate+comp if you want to maximise first round alpha or other stuff if you want to play save ( 10 thunderers and 9 wardens get you to 2k)

First hero phase, Ironclad adds 2 carbines shot or 3" range.
khemist grant extra sky hook to Arkanaut.
First turn : you run and shoot with everything and woaaa that's a lot of shooting.
Each frigate is making : 7 carbines shot + 2 heavy sky cannon.
the ironclad make : 10 carbines shot + 1 great sky canon.
+ 12 light sky hook from the 2 arkanauts comp.

It's crazy and doesn't cost anything you can still play normally if you can't alpha first turn. The board space created on objective based battleplans is very interesting forcing the adversary to hide.

V) Morale fixing.

a) Surrender Is rarely profitable (footnote): once per game you can replace a batleshock test by a 1.
b) Respect your commanders : Reroll battleshock 8" of heroes. (Artycle)
c) Rising Star command trait : Use general bravery admiral is 8 so it's good.
d) Admiral bubble (commande ability) no shock test.

VI) Thunderer + Detonation drills
All ships have them, Enemy UNITS ending charge 1" of this models, pile in last, doesn't work on flyer.
Thunderer instead of pile in can make a move+run to retreat ^^.

VII) Mother of all bombs !

Barak-Zilfin grant one skyvessel deep strike rules like (deploy the vessel 9" from enemy, transported troop can't move or run too).
Ironclad can transport 25 models(1 admiral, 4 khemist, one unit of twenty thunderer with one type of weapon) = 1360.
Add 2 Arkanauts company 240 (3 sky hook each) 240.
then 12 sky warden to make it 2k. sky warden embark on the ironclad too.

So on deepstrike turn(or anyturn where the khemist can buff) the thunderer can make 100 canon or mortar shoot (depending on how you equiped them)
Sky warden can be equiped with hook for charging first turn or dakka.
Ironclad shoot a lot too.
If you can deepstrike to touch a terrain the clad get a 3+ save .
If the counter attack too hot you can disengage instead of pile in with thunderer. khemist remove attack, iron clad force pile in last.

On turn 2 you can hop everyone inside the clad and do a run 14" and shoot (with the clad)
ps : the deep strike is any of your hero phase ^^

That's all for now !


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Atia paints Kharadron Overlords (and/or Squats?!)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a little overview post for my Kharadrons/Squats. Yep you heard right - I plan to use them for both systems (similiar to daemons), and I'll also do some conversions in the future. I spend the last days painting the first five arcanauts and started the frigate - and I need to say, this is probably the best tank-like kit I ever build. I didn't need any green stuff for gaps and there were almost no mold lines - and the details are quite awesome!

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Review: Kharadron Overlords (Paint Splatter & 'Eavy Metal)

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Hello again again !

Last part on the Battletome, paint and heavy metal. At first i didn't planned to do a full section but there is so much content it would be a shame.

Ok done Atia turn :D


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Review: Kharadron Overlords (Warscrolls and units)

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Hello again !

2nd part of the Kharadron book : the units & warscrolls.

Disclaimer : Warscrolls are free so i can post them all can't do the same with the other stuff.
12 Warscrolls : i added most of them down there :

Frigate :

Ironclad :

The Kharadrons have 4 formations and 1 Army wide formation.
One of them is a mix stormcast + kharadron.
Some Exemple :

This one give shield guard for Heroes near the Company.

Transform a 1 per battle power to a 1 per turn ^^

Focus firing benefit (feel strong)

My favorite, give Reroll to charge and extra shooting first turn, with the right command ability you can run and shoot first turn with 1 extra shoot per weapons.

Some items/ commands trait :

After thinking a lot about these Battalions, i think they are good but nothing crazy like the Stormcast one.
Honestly at first i was not so impressed with the power level of the Kharadron as a whole. But the more i read the book the more i find them interesting with a lot of indirect way to hurt/survive/move/defend.

Super hyped to start an army of them :D

Tell me what you think or ask question in comments !!


ps: the book is so big that i am going to make a third parts for the painting section/ heavy metal showcase.

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Review: Kharadron Overlords (The Fluff)

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Hello everyone !!

Today the kharadron are going on pre-order (arkaunot, admiral, frigate, battle tome). If you watched the video here you already have an idea of who they are !!!

Let's go a bit deeper with an exploration of the fluff/imagery of the Kharadron battle tome (144pages)

I) Birth : At some point all the great Karaks fell and there was a flood of refugee to the sky forts and airborne mining colonies (Bespin ?^^) to avoid civil war they had a big meeting in Madralta and they made a code, unifying all the sky ports.

II) Evolution : They discovered Aether-gold some kind of magical gaz that can't be detected with magic or science.
This drawback became a boon as they stayed hidden from the chaos gods.

III) Society: The kharadron are a meritocracy, they don't trust kings, or gods. Every one can climp the ranks or fall if not successful. Great captain become Admiral and the best of them join a council of admirals. All the sky ports are ranked by wealth and the top 6 get to send delegates to the Geldraad (UN for Kharadron). Science took place of worship for nearly all the of the Kharadron.
Lastly, Kharadron have their own network of hidden realmgate !

Delegate number :

Size of the ship ^^

IV) works : Getting profit is the main focal point of the Kharadron and the code ensure that, so they protect their bussiness partner because code say it ^^. But their prime activity is mining Aethergold also called the breath of Grungni, the lifeblood of the Kharadron society. Ho boy it's not an easy task : First you have to find it , then to harvest it you have to fight beast like : Harkraken, chimera and megalofin. During large harvest operation the question is not if an attack is going to happen but when !!

V) Ennemies and friend :
-Grotbag scuttlers are mentionned as an aerial army ! (OMG)
- Skaven are cited but no mention of their fleet.
- Record of Flying whaag are in the battletome too.
-Tzeencht with kairos made a big blocus of one of the sky ports but they all united to break the blocus and somekind of magic shield.
-There is mention of a BIG GUN TRAIN by the duardin from azyr !!!!!!
-They help Fireslayers on a few big fight (no kidding they need help :/)

VI) Equipements :

VII) The 6 sky ports.
the 6 mains are :
Barak Urbaz (Traders, fishermen, transporters)
Barak Zilfin (pilot)
Barak Mhornar (cheater ^^)
Barak Thryng (old school conservative dwarf.)
Barak nar (biggest and full of scientist)
Barak zon (first and highest in the sky, military tradition)

VIII) Organisation

That conclude part 1
Don't forget to check the image down there.
Ask question i'll try to answer.


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

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Howdy Guys and Girls - Last Jedi trailer - awesome :)

Lady Atia

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Kharadron program

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Hello everyone !!

Just a little teaser for midnight (gmt), we'll do :

-Battletome coverage : 1 part fluff + mini and 1 part Gaming and stats.
-Atia will show what she's working on !
-Quick paint tutorial of my NMM brigade (1 down 19 to go :D).

CU laters !


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Interview with a Manling: Jeremy Vetock on Kharadron Overlords

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today we hear from the Warhammer Studio as Warhammer one of the writers, Jeremy Vetock, behind the new Kharadron Overlords Battletome - via Warhammer Community.

Lady Atia

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Kromlech: Orc Junk City Crates

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Small thumb orc junk city crates

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Kromlech has now some nice city crates too - awesome for some orky scenery, games of Shadow War Armageddon or Zone Mortalis!

"A set of six resin crates which you can use with vehicles, bigger bases and all kind of terrain creation projects."

Lady Atia

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