Forgeworld new releases - Bright Crusaders and Psychic Robots

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today up for pre order from Forgeworld - the Bright Crusaders aswell as some cute 1k sons robots =)


Lady Atia

created : 13 days ago

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Kharadron reveal on warhammer tv

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Hello everyone =)

Today's twitch stream should be very good with a lot of juicy news - must watch!
Don't worry if you cant attend we'll do a coverage here :D

flying dwarf at 17h15 uk time

Coverage :
1) Scenery : the new industrial range scenery is made to be compatible, same with the other scenery coming up in the future! all the dimension are standardized for multiple configuration options. Hard to explain by text but the video explanation really pleased me ^^

2) Modular AOS scenery is planned.

3) Software record tracking at warhammer fest for tournament player to enter result. "Best coast Pairing App"

EDIT : the kharadron reveal is on facebook : warhammer tv
Btw we will do our coverage of the battletome Saturday 00h01:01 ;)

-but 6 major different sky ports with different rules/background/color.
-Rules for doing fleet not coming from major skyports.
-100% money/merits based society.
-To prevent a civil war they made a CODE.
-Painting guide for each major ports.
-Magic item for heroes and ship
-Few formations.
-Around 12 different units, not much but each one have a lot of options
-5 battle plans.
-5 formations.
-Jet pack dwarf move fast and doesn't take space in transport.
-Arkaunauts are 12pt each

Khemist warscroll :

Thudererers warscroll :

imgur :

Atia & bob.

created : 14 days ago

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Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

As some of you may have guessed already yesterday - the dead are walking on the Shadespire ....

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Tomorrow ....

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What could this be ....? ;)

Lady Atia

created : 15 days ago

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The Rumour Engine - cute legs!

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Hello everyone :)

It's wednesday - rumour engine time! Atia will like that one ...


created : 15 days ago

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Play it painted : Triumvirate of Chaos by Prometian Painting

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Hello everyone !!

Play it painted time with regular Prometian Painting, aka "The lava boy" ;)

Triumvirate of Chaos : A Terminator Sorcerer, Dark Apostle and Warpsmith, all heavily converted and kitbashed.

Amazing work as usual, special mention to the lava weapon and the lava spirit !!!
The effect is so good that maybe he would deserve a tutorial !
Check his facebook page it's worth your time :


created : 16 days ago

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Burn Out - Fight, survive, evolve!

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Hello everyone !

Big shout-out to the happy game factory new kick starter : BURN OUT ! (funded in one hour !)
based on the Eden game, it expand the game and the universe in a very interesting way !

Eden is a skirmish game (a great one !) :
Models design are unique and the quality is great.
The universe is rich and colorful, there are very few games as creative as EDEN.

The Happy Games Factory team is proud to present this new project : Burn Out.

Burn Out is the first expansion for Eden, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Burn Out gets the better of Eden the game. It starts with its original universe and its efficient gameplay, and it adds what it is necessary to get into the game by another aspect.

Now they add new aspects to the game : XP ! and a campaign !!

Campaign :

With the campaign, Burn Out allows you to link your games together. Your fighters are going to win experience and, for luckiest ones, will become real war machines ... but the suffered wounds will be able to put them off for a time or even lead them to the death !

Lot's of fun in perspective !

One the men behind Eden is Mohand, a very talented sculptor and painter !!
Check his youtube channel for vids (in french) :

Check the kickstarter it will worth it !

you can dl the rules for free here :


created : 16 days ago

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DOW III campaign intro video !

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Hello everyone !!

DOW3 campaign intro :

Steel yourselves for battle! The next chapter of Dawn of War draws close and the scene is set in this opening cinematic to the CAMPAIGN. Rampaging Orks are on the brink of overrunning the planet Cyprus. Only the intervention of the fearless Blood Ravens and their stalwart Chapter Master, the legendary Gabriel Angelos, can save the planet from the green tide that threatens to engulf it.

Maybe few drawing are weird like the jumping marines at 1:40 but it's looking good overall.

if you want you can check this game play video (coop) :

release is end of April (27-04/-2017)

for more details. :


created : 16 days ago

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New resin thunderhawk

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Hello everyone !!

FW info for the thunderhawk.

This new resin Thunderhawk keeps the iconic and uncompromising outline of the Thunderhawk we all know and love, but also takes on a few design cues from other recent kits, like the Stormbird and Heresy-era Space Marine Legion tanks.

For the moment, we don’t have anymore to show you, but you can rest assured this Lord of War will be touching down very soon.

In fact, we’re hoping to have it available first at Warhammer Fest this May


created : 17 days ago

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Kromlech: Orc Junk City Fuel and Ammo Piles

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New release from Kromlech - ammo and fuel piles, perfect for games of Shadow War: Armageddon or Gorkamorka!

"Six resin pieces full of ammo boxes, old tires, fuel barrels, old tools and rusty junk. Fits all kind of terrain creation projects, bases for bigger models and all kind of skirmish games where every additional cover counts!"

You can get them here:

Lady Atia

created : 17 days ago

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