Crimson Fists leaks from the wd

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Small thumb cover

Hello everyone !!

Image from the WD with Crimson fist rules inside.

I am not on my computer so if some images are missing just go check the source.

Source :


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Gloomspite Gitz Preview: Part 1 – The Basics and Allegiance Abilities

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Small thumb gloomspitearmyrules jan2 gloomspiteart7sn

Hello everyone !!

First preview of the year for the Gloomspite gitz !

First the Battletome :

Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz combines the Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, troggoths and gargants into a single army list. Each sub-faction maintains its unique flavour and character, but you’ll be able to mix and match units from each without losing your allegiance abilities.

There is one huge ability the Bad Moon :

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It's Happening in 2019

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Small thumb whfestliveblog post12 30 sororitasmain1cd

Happy new year everyone !!!!

Good news :

Finally, 2019 is the year it happens. Plastic Sisters of Battle are coming at last – and whether you’re a new player or you’ve been waiting decades for this to happen, it’s going to blow you away…

Check the GW post for other Hype factor :


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Review of the new RGG miniature handle

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Small thumb design gris  1

Hi there!

A few weeks back RGG offered to try their new mini holder and after using it for a month, I'd like to do a quick review on the Handle!


An image is often better than a thousand words :

The RGG360° is an ergonomic handle with a rotating 360° top. The models are fixed on it with some sort of orange putty. The model I tested is a 3D printed prototype (it's amazing what you can do with a 3D printer these days).

I want to review these aspects of the product: ergonomics, rotating top, the putty, stability.

Let's dive into it then!

The Handle ergonomics

The ergonomics of the handle is really nice and help stabilize hands while painting. It feels like a small skying baton handle.

You just have to place your thumb in the slot and voila! The hold is good and stable. To be fair, It's like the GW handle, you can tuck your thumb under the plateau but the difference is that the larger bottom prevents to reach the same level of comfort/stability. After using it for a month I really prefer this shape of handle and don't feel the same comfort on the GW one.

In Conclusion, I really like the RGG360° comfort and stability for longs painting sessions.

The 360° Top

As seen on the introductory video you can rotate the top of the handle. it works very well, there is enough resistance to prevent unwanted movement* but not too much that you have to use strength to rotate it.

At first, I didn't consider the 360° rotation as an important feature. Taking advantage of it was not easy but after some time it's really handy and would miss it badly!

Conclusion: Unexpected super helpful feature.

* If you paint an heavy metal model the top can rotate alone if you tilt it on a side (super corner case). ex: Painting Boar from guild ball (picture at the bottom)

The Fixing Putty

The top of the handle is covered with orange putty that feels a lot like blue tac or "patafix". It holds models very well, even metal Warjack from Warmachine didn't move.

Using this method of fixation allow the handle top to be thin (around 25 millimeters). The good point is that doesn't prevent painting from under. It's my main gripe with the GW holder. The sheer size of the Claw Mechanism prevents painting from bottom angles.

A few things that I didn't like with the putty: If you use a base with a central slot, putty get stuck in there. You have to press strongly to fix the model and it's bad when the base is already painted. Lastly, with bases a lot larger than the top (40mill and more) having your thumb on the side of the base while painting unfix the model (with a simple lever effect.).

Note: RGG told me that the holder will be shipped with extra putty to refill/change.

Even if at first the putty doesn't look like a great idea, it does the job very well and models don't move at all.

Stability of the handle

With a handle this thin, is stability an issue?

on the 3D printed prototype, it was :(.

While I was painting this metal model :
The handle fell 2 times when I put it back on the desk. Of course, it was user error and the model is big and in metal (a bit bigger than a Stormcast) but I would I have liked a base to slot the hand.

After talking with the RGG team, they told me the finished product has a better weight distribution and only the 3D printed version has this problem. The explanation is: To make the 3D printed prototype they used a lot of milliput at the top and it fucked up the weight distribution. They also assured me that the end product will be super stable. Still, a small base to slot the handle when you put it back would have been awesome.

I installed a small base on my desk (with an old tequila glass) to prevent more fall.

Note: It's impossible to take the handle apart without breaking it.


While the balance problem kind of bother me, the handle is excellent. This is now my default paint handle. I don't reach for the GW or other brands as much as possible.

Totally recommend this handle for any painter !!

Don't miss their Kickstarter on the 10 Janvier (i don't have the details and the price yet.)


CU next years !

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Next Week’s Pre-orders and more: Gloomspite Gitz!

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Small thumb citadelpreorders 12jan dankholdtroggoth 7mb

Hello everyone !!

GW team revealed more Trolls/Gobs stuff (as usual responding to the potato camera.)

As of next weekend (that’s Saturday the 5th of January if you want to stick it in your calendar), you’ll be able to order your copy of the Battletome in standard, digital and lavishly presented Collector’s Editions. Additionally, like other new armies, you can pick up a pack of Warscroll Cards to keep track of your army in-game:

They revealead :

Trolls :
New earth trolls kit
New Dankhold
New Dankhold boss (the one holding/squeezing the centipedes.)

Gobs :
Gobbapalooza : 5 heroes/honor guards.
Mangler/boss kit
Squig hoopers/knights

1 Badmoon shrine.(rez unit !)

Endless spells :
4 spells in the box !

Full review on the 5Jan2019

Cu next Year


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Gloomspite Gitz: The Lore

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Small thumb whoaregloomspite dec28 featurenew1hhr 1 320x320

Hello everyone !!

So just who are the Gloomspite Gitz? Having looked at the models and design behind Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s latest army, today, we’re catching up with the people behind the new lore of these moon-worshipping grots. Just what is the Bad Moon? Who is Skragrott? And why are they trying to destroy everything? All will be revealed…

Sad they didn't showed all the new TrollS :(


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Writer Insights: Gloomspite Gitz

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Small thumb gloomspitegitzdesignersnotes dec27 battleshot8tn 1

Hello again !!

Another article on Gitz from WHTV, it's an interview of Ben Jefferson from Studio.

To learn more, we sat down with Ben Jefferson from the Design Studio, for insights on how the Gloomspite Gitz were made, the concepts and directions that informed their final look, and more interesting tidbits

ben :

Like with the Nighthaunt, we wanted to expand some iconic models from a larger range into a fully-fledged faction of their own. The classic Night Goblin has always been one of Warhammer’s most evocative images, so it was the perfect place to start. John Blanche, Seb Perbet and Tom Harrison helped us with the early concepts and mockups, and we wanted to capture some of the whimsy and magic from early Warhammer art.

Great news !

Another good one :

ben :

When designing the Gloomspite Gitz, we had three main things tonally in mind for their culture:

The culture of the Gloomspite Gitz is purely shamanistic – and so rather than having engineers, or generals, or more logical or mechanical characters, instead, they’ve got a huge variety of witch doctors and magic men.

Their culture is based around fungus – as a food, as a currency, and even as a weapon.

Their culture is also based around squigs. We wanted to respect the classic Cave Squig while inventing loads of new sentient fungus and cave-dwelling creatures.

And i think they did a super job with the Tome.

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AOS Skirmish rules will be in Jan WD only.

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Small thumb wd

Hello there !!

While we are waiting on the rest of the Gloomspite models to be revealed (there are quite a few !!) WHTV revealed some info on the new WD in 2019 and especially the Jan issue.

New Rules
White Dwarf is set to become a great source of new rules material for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and January’s issue is certainly kicking things off with a bang. With a new edition of the game launching earlier this year, the time seemed right to update another popular branch of the game… how does a new set of rules and seven battleplans for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skirmish sound? Pretty awesome, huh? Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced veteran, the Skirmish game offers new and exciting battlefield challenges – and all you need is a copy of January’s issue, a handful of models and the free core rules!


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Gloomspite Gitz: Revealed!

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Small thumb gloomspitegitzrevealed dec26 featurenew20gx 320x320

Hello everyone !!

Gloomspite Gitz are a new faction combining Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, troggoths and the occasional gargant under one umbrella.* These previously disparate factions have been forged into a single, coherent army list, complete with a new battletome, new allegiance abilities and a pile of new kits to tie it all together.

Full review the 5th

They are a few extra models non revealed yet.


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Gloomspite Gitz Battletome reveal video

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Small thumb gloomspitevid dec25 sharenew2uf  1

Hello everyone !!

Full Video for the AOS grots !!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Did you get what you wanted?

If you asked for a legion of fungus-crazed grots looking to despoil the Mortal Realms, the Bad Moon has smiled upon you…

Meet the Gloomspite Gitz:

Models revealed tomorow.
Review on the 5


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