Drones of the Blackstone Fortress

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

"The Blackstone Fortress is more than just a backdrop to your adventures in Warhammer Quest, but a participant in them – and it will not hesitate to try and stop you. Here’s a look at one of its mechanical minions, a Spindle Drone!"

Lady Atia

created : 13 days ago

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A Kroot for a quest! And more ...

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Rogue Traders are allowed to hire xenos - say hellow to a Kroot :)

Lady Atia

created : 15 days ago

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The Rumour Engine - the Rumour Engine?

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Hello everyone :)

The Rumour Engine - with ... a rumour engine!


created : 15 days ago

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Ork Codex Review !

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Hello everyone !!!

Sorry for the delay on this review but at last here ours

The Book  is hard cover, 136 pages. Lot of Contents.

The Fluff

There are 64 pages of Fluff that's the biggest orcs ever had.
-Lot of info on Ghazghkull Thraka that connect him to the Great rift event.
-The Thraka Quest. He's looking for something different than Armageddon,
-Big section on orcs physiology and whay of life.

-Some info on their origins. They have stuff encoded in their DNA. This allow them to retain a weird high level of technologies

- 1 page for every clan,
- 1 for each entries of the codex
- + fluff on gods, grots, snots, timeline, rumor ..

Very good stuff

The Rules 

Generic rules.

All orcs army get some special rules :

-Keyword : Some units have don't have the Keyword ''clan'' like freebooters and Named Characters.

- Dakka Dakka Dakka : On an unmodified 6 you get an extra shot and it always hit.

-Ere we go : Reroll any or all of the dice on a charge roll. This is incredebly powerfull as you can reach very far if you can keep one of the dice. Most of the units have access to this rule.

Mob rules : Replace LD with number of your unit or by one unit within 6”. Really help if you have 2 big units close they are nearly immune to morale test.

Speed mob : Buggies only they get an extra 6” mov.

That's already a lot of rules helping the orcs.

Klan kultur

All Kultur were already spoiled by GW so I just share the page for reference.


19 stratagems + 6 for Kulturs

Few of my favorites

-Green tide : Allow to respawn a boys unit that was under half strength( 3cp)
-The Bad moon stratagem, allow to shoot a second time (infantry only)
-Grot shield, it's a 2+fnp but you have to sac a gretchin if it works. (1cp and super strong)
-Telyporta : Deep strike one unit with a Power of 20 or lesss . Work with a transport + unit.
-Fight a second time with a unit (3cp)
-Orcs is never beaten : fight before dying. (2cp)


If you had to keep 1 psy power it would be :

Da Jump : teleport infantry within 12” unit 9'' from the enemy, count as moved for heavy weapon.
That mean you can teleport a Tankbusta unit and take out an enemy vehicle (ever more guaranteed if you are a bad moon !)

But if you had to keep another one it would be fist of Gork (+2A +2S)

Shiny Gubbins & Warlord traits

Again !! Bad moon warlord are the Best !! with a 4++ trait !
Still there is a generic trait granting : +1S +1A ^^

Shiny Gubbins

This is the relic you must take !

So that mean that your warlord could be hitting 7 times 2+ 2+ Ap3 D3 (with trait and psychic power) charge something super big (move + run + charge with charge reroll) destroy it, Fight a second time if you get chance (3cp) and if you die you can fight a third time (2cp)^^ Funny ^^

Now that the general stuff is behind us let's take a quick look at the different units of the codex.

B) Units

I follow the Codex layout : QG, troop, Elite , Fast attack, Heavy support, flyer, LOW

Boss & Friend

The Waagh HR is well staffed !! let's look at our options :

Ghazghkull Thraka

The prophet ! A bit less than 250 pts. Very survivable with T6 8w with 2+/4+ and can hide behind his boys. In melee it's 6 attacks on charge 2+ 12s -3 3 ^^.

GT have the same waaaagh rule as other boss (allow orcs infantry units within 6” to run and charge) but he grant one extra attacks to charging units within 6” of him (when they are chose to fight.).
He also have an aura that grant auto pass morale within 6” vs 1d3 mw on the units.

Only problem is that he's Goff clan and kind of expensive .


Its a weaker GT with lower stats, lower range on Morale aura and no extra attacks on charge aura.
But costing no more than 5 marines and 2 more marines for the equipment.
Even if you have Ghazghkull Thraka you can still use a boss as a relay for Waaaaaaagh rules.

Big mek With Shokk Attack Gun

-Can repair stuff, shoot with an AP 5 gun and have a small chance to generate MW.
-He's kind of expensive (a bit less than 90pt) for a BS 5+

Big mek in mega armor

More expensive but with a 5++ againt shooting for units wholly within 9” or can grant it to a vehicle if embarked. (I am not sure you can embark and still grant the 9” bubble)

Weird boy

Psyker , start with smite + 1 , not too bad in melee, cheap, and still have waaagh energy (getting +1 to rolls for every 10 orcs within 10”. suffer peril if you roll more than 12”

Boss Snikrot

Infiltrate, Melee beast against soft target, get a bonus to wound inside cover and a 3+ from cover save. Nothing crazy.

Boss Zag struck

Very good with goff stormboys as he grant them auto pass morale, melee beast, can deep strike.

DeffKilla Wartike

Very good model. Got the Character trait to stay protected from shooting. Grant the Waaaaagh rules for Biker and Vehicules for obscene turn 1 charge ^^

Captain Badrukk

BS 4+ , 1 reroll each turn with plasma gun with 1 , have reroll 1 aura for Flash gitz.
Have freebooters Keywords instead of Clan but can still be added to any clan or freebooters army.


Only 2 choice here ^^ Boys or Gretchin.


7 points a piece feel expensive but they are WS3+ S4 A2
They get +1 attack if more than 20.
1 Tankbusta bomb every 10 (D3 / s8 -2 D1d6)
1 Rokkit/Biig slugga every 10
Same options as usual.


Same as before ! They have a +1 to hit if more than 20 (melee and ranged).
Grot blasta is still range 12 pistol S3. But hit on 3+ if you take a large pack.
Still super usefull with the grot shield stratagem.


Super crowded slot !

Mad Dok GrotSnik

Good melée, grant 6+ FNP, can Heal on a 2+, Must charge.

Pain boy

Downgraded version of Mad Dok but still grant the 6+ Fnp.


Repair and come equiped with a custom pistol (S8 AP-3 D6)


Handle Gretchins nothing more.

Burna boys

Burna in melee is AP-2
They are ok, You can run shoot and then charge.
You can include 1 spanner every 5 Burna the come equiped with a Kustom Mega Blasta.


They reroll miss against Vehicle.
Every 5 you get 2 squig suicide bomber (range 18”, 2+, s8, Ap 2 , D6) 10points.
I Really like them, you can pack them in a Battlewagon with a Power Shield Mek and once in 18” you unleash the Squig !
Note : With a stratagem allowing you to shoot twice it's serious dakka


Still Big, mean, with a lots of weapons options.
Nothing specials.

Nob with Waaagh banner

Waaagh banner grant +1 to hit in fight phase for unit.
Very handy


Lots of Dakka, lots of attacks 3 W per guys.
Perfect with the Deep strike stratagem and the Charge reroll from Ere we go.

Nobs on warbike

Scary nobs on Scary threat range.
Having The Boss on the Trike allowing them to run and charge is a must ^^


Infiltrate, gain bonus in cover (+1w +2 save)

Fast Attack

Now that speed Freeks is out, there are geat choice here !


-Only 23 points and you can move , run, shoot and charge with the Trike Boss. That's a lot of value.
I love them and want to use them. (still 6 shots per bike)

Kustom Boosta Blastas

-Get the 6” free move at the start the game.
-4d3 flamer shot + 6 rivet kannon shot that's a lot of dakka.

Shokk Jump Dragstas

My favourite, Anti tank weapons hitting on 3+ in orcs team, teleport for a bit less than 110.
And look so damn good.

Boomdakka Snazzwagons

Not a big fan of this one but against horde army they are fun ^^.
Less than 100 points.

Megatrakk Scrapjets

-Lot of Dakka : 2d3 missiles, 12 big shoota, 1 4+ missile.
-It's the slowest of the Wagons (only 10”) and it's a bit sad.

RukkatruKK Squigbuggies

The Model is awesome.
Dakka is not that great but hit on 4+
The mines are good.


Move 12 can run auto 6 and charge 2d6 (with waaagh) with rerolls !!! (from Ere we go)
Cost less than 10 points !!!


Expensive, Medium amout of Dakka, Very fast, infiltrate.

Heavy support

I knew I should have counted the number of unit before doing a review unit by unit ^^

Mek guns

up to 6 per slot, bs 4+, T5, W6.
Dakka rule.
Traktor Kannon AUTO HIT (48”, s8, ap2 D6)
The Kustom Mega Canon is good too (36”, HeavyD6, S8, AP3, D6)

Cost is 15pt base + 30 to 45 for the weapons.

Ps : Once deployed they all act as independent model

Battle Wagon

16 wounds can carry 20 models and open topped to be used as a mobile weapon platform by an tankbusta unit ^^. Even Better with a forcefield.

Gun wagon

It's a battle wagon with an Ard case and Kannon. The only difference is the Periscope rule that grant a second shot with the main weapon of move under half speed.

Bone Breaka

A battle wagon with a Deff Rolla ! So that's 1d6+6 attacks, hit on 2+, S9, Ap2, D2
Note Bone Break is the only one gaining +1d6 attacks on deff rolla charge.

Killa Kans

Bs 4+ on a sturdy chassis (t5 w5 3+) is expensive but having rokkit launcha is always good ^^

Deff Dreads

Beastly in melee, Benefit from the Mechanised whaag for a run + charge. (And they have the Ere we go rule as well.)

Morkanaut and Gorkanaut

Both are similar, but
Morkanaut can buy the forcefield and Gorkanaut need to transport a Big Mek to get the 5+
Gorkanaut have 6 Attacks.

Again with Ere we go they get Good threat range even more if the Trike can make them run and charge. Because a Gorkanaut hit hard ^^


Deffgun are still Heavy D3 S7 Ap1 D2.
Nothing much changed but you roll once for all the phase, in a turn you roll max number of shot you can use a stratagem to shoot a second time for up to 90 Deffgun shot^^
They are good fire support considering they don't cost much more than a SM

Flash Git

Still BS 4+, each snazzgun shot 3 time with S6 Ap2 D2, range is only 24” and the weapon is heavy.
They also cost twice the price of a space marines.

Note : The don't benefit from Orc Kultur unless you are playing a FreeBooters army.


ransport 12 models, open topped, 10W.
Have chance to reduce incoming damage.
Still a good weapon platform for Embarked Tankhunter ^^
At the price of 5 space marines it's a bit expensive.


Orcs have 4 flyers let see how the codex treat them :


T6 W12 4+ and hard to hit.
This one is interesting for sure !
+1 to hit if you shoot the same target.
Up to 18 shot S6 Ap1 D1 shot for a bit less than 10 marines in cost

Burna Bommer

Less dakka than the Dakkajet but same stats

The burna Bommer have 2 bombs per battle. He can drop a unit, roll a dice for each model (up to 10) in the unit. 1 mortal wound on a 5+ (4+ vs Inf) .

Harlequin killer !

Blitza Bommer

Less dakka than the Burna Bommer but same stats
The Bomb is better roll up to 12 dice MW on 4+ and roll 3 dice on monster and vehicule.

Blitza Bommer

The Same stats as all other flyers.
Multiple Bling Weapons (Smasha gun, Wazboom Mega kanon).
Not a big fan of the smasha gun (48”, Ap4, D1d6, roll 2d6 to wound add them and must roll equal or greater) but I am sure it could have his use.

Lord OF War

Only one choice here but what a choice !!!

You know sometime an image is better than a thousand words :

Ok that's it for the re unit review. but let's not forget about the Mek Workshop !


This is a rich codex ! There are so many options and so many playstyles.
You can go full shooting, full melee, full speed or mix any of them. Most of the choice are good.
The new Trike warboss fill the boss biker shoes even if he's not as strong in close combat.
This is surely the best Orc codex ever !!!

Sorry, I wanted to do something more concise but the numbers of options and entries were so important that I couldn't keep it from growing.

created : 15 days ago

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Rogue Trader Janus Draik

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Meet another legendary Rogue Trader - anyone remembers the old books with him?

Lady Atia

created : 15 days ago

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Looted Wagon in the 2018 Chapter Approved

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Hello there,

In this month WD they are spoiling that Looted Wagons will be in the Chapter Approved.


created : 16 days ago

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Space Marine Heroes

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Hello there !

SM heroes wave 1 available soon :)

created : 16 days ago

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Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

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Hello there !

Landing in time for Christmas will be one of the most anticipated releases of the year land, with Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. In this new game, you’ll have the chance to dive into one of the 41st Millennium darkest mysteries in thrilling cooperative adventures.

Working with your friends, you’ll choose from a cast of heroes and battle your way to the heart of a Blackstone fortress in search of glory and secrets… (also, monsters).

We’re incredibly excited to share Blackstone Fortress with you guys – this is a roleplaying boardgame of exploration and adventure unlike anything you’ve seen before – and includes some new Warhammer 40,000 models that you will not believe… For now, suffice to say, you should save a space on your Christmas list for this one.

We’ll have more details on all of these releases, and more, for you soon.


(Was at a tournament this week end. Writing the Orc dex review right now)

created : 16 days ago

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Sector Mechanicus Derelict Factorum

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Another new Sector Mechanicus kit is coming this christmas - picture via Boyadventurer over on B&C.

Lady Atia

created : 17 days ago

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The Rise & Fall of Anvalor

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Hello again everyone !!

New board game by wizkids named : The Rise & Fall of Anvalor

Intro :

An exciting new licensed board game from WizKids (whose previous credits include Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters), set in the Age of Sigmar – The Rise & Fall of Anvalor. Here’s the story so far…

“Many previous attempts to build a lasting fortification at Anvalor have failed. Its strategic location on the Great Parch, a particularly arid region of Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, is of supreme importance. However, each new effort to establish a significant foothold has also irked a new foe, an enemy who rises to the challenge of thwarting the attempt. Equally distant from Anvilgard, Hammerhal Aqsha and the City of Brimstone, the competing factions of those great cities have put their quarrels aside and committed to a final push to rebuild Anvalor together. Whoever can secure the new stronghold will also dominate the Great Parch, significantly strengthening their influence in all the Mortal Realms.”

Sounds like trouble is definitely brewing! Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Rise & Fall of Anvalor is a 1-4 player game that lasts up to an hour with each playthrough. In the game, you and your rivals compete to gather the most influence in Anvalor in order to dominate the budding city or cause its downfall. The player who secures the most influence at the end of the game wins.

There are six playable factions to choose from, ranging from famous Aqshian rivals, the Hammers of Sigmar and the Khornate legions of Khorgos Khul, to the Vorstarg Fyreslayer Lodge and even the Order Serpentis. We’ll be bringing you more information on this game in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

About the Author

Rustan Håkansson made this new game. he's known to me for Nation a board game with meeple that was sold as an improved Through the ages. It succeeded (a little) but the game was expensive and some turn could be extremely frustrating if you were unlucky.

He dev games in open source with the

I am intrigued to see what they do with the licence this time.


created : 19 days ago

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