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Traitors Hate info

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Hello !!

Traitor's hate : (39€)
136 pages, it's an update to chaos space marines codex (still needed i heard).
It's about the invasion of Diamor system by chaos sm at the start of the 13 black crusade by Abbadon himself and the heroic defense of the blood angels !
This book contain new rules you can use with chaos space marines codex.
11 new formations,
1 new and powerfull detachment (decurion style).
Technical dataslate for Throne of skulls.
4 new disciplines : "Heretic Astartes"
Rules for a renegade imperial knight.

There is also a box : Favored of Chaos (combined box)
And kharn (but you know that already)
The void shield generator.

translated from french, some words could be wrong :D


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