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New Blood Angel supplement : Angel Blade

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Blood angel supplement is on the way : Angel Blade
This was expected are they are the main "good guys" against Kharn

this is from grot ordrely

So this week we will hear about the new Supplement for Blood Angels, called Angel's Blade. It will involve Chaos Space Marines invasion on some planet (of course). 9 new formations, 2 new detachments as well as Death Company relics and tactical objectives, wargear upgrades and 3 new missions to top it all of.
New Blood Angel Termie Captain DC Chaplain and updates to Assault and Devastator squads.

Angels' Blade (supplement) - 30GBP / 39EUR
BA Death Company Strike Force - 80GBP / 105EUR
BA Archangels Orbital Intervention Force - 80GBP / 100EUR
BA Chapter Ancients - 65GBP / 80EUR

We will also get new boxes for Blood Angels Vanguard, Assault, Sternguard and Company Command.


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