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Warhammer Larp ! (IRL warhammer)

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hello everyone !

Amazing Larp near Moscov.

For ppl who don't know it's like playing: a mix warhammer rpg and battle in real life !!!

Just outside of Moscow, Russia over one thousand participants came together to bring the world of Warhammer to life for four days. With over 20 different races, an extensive rule book that covers every mechanic conceivable and over a dozen different camps for players to bring to life this event sounds incredible.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite photos below, but you can find all of the images in all their glory in this gallery here. And all of the information for the larp itself can be found on their website: The website is in Russian, but with Chrome it translates well enough that you can get a general idea of the details.

Were you one of the amazing participants in this larp? We’d love to get your opinion of the game in the comments.

Lastly, if there was a Warhammer larp near you, would you go? If so, what would your character be like?

pics here :
and Here

Atia, let's go next year ! you go as valkia and me as beastman :D


Fight !
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Really a steam tank ?
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