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Wood elf proxy by Hidden Dreams on Indiegogo

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Hello everyone !!

Before the week end i'd like to share the work of a small studio in poland, releasing a kickstarter on indiegogo.
They plan to make wood elf models for the 9th Age ! (but can be used in AOS too)

btw : 9th age is the independent Warhammer battle community, a bit like blood bowl 10 years ago !

My review of the models :

-The forest Prince look very cool (very nice cape)
-The eagles are stunning !!! really like the idea of the tree base.
-The thicket standard bearer is interesting and would make a great dryad leader.
-I am not sure about the Wardancer, i need a better pics !

Check their kickstarter and pledge something if you want help them living the dream !
For 15$ you get the Shapeshifter Forest Prince with all the optional weapons !! very good value to me !

Thx everyone !


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