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News: Upcoming Specialist Games (Hobbit, Adeptus Titanicus, Bloodbowl)

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Howdy Guys and Girls - today I have some more news about the upcoming specialist games stuff for you :)

Bloodbowl and Adeptus Titanicus
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- The starter box (humans vs orks) is finished, and produced. No ETA on the release yet, as it's sales management that sets the dates, not FW/SG
- The box will contain everything you need to start - the rules (core rules are unchanged, but there will be some expanded ones too in the booklet), markers, dice, a double sided pit and two plastic teams. The sprues are green/blue and you can start to play within a few minutes.
- Next teams in plastic will be Dwarfes, Skaven and Goblins. After this they will look how sales go to decide on future plastic teams, but the plan is to do future teams in resin.
- They also want to do a plastic Troll and Ogre clampack.
- Cheerleaders, Coaches are planned :)
- Starplayers are in. Old and New ones. Maybe we will even get event only Starplayers.
- Special Play Cards are in too - and they are planning on doing event only ones for events and tournament goodie packs.
- No 3D pits atm - they experimented with it, but have found a better solution. Plan is to use battle mats for it, as we already have seen with the 40k and Khorne one from GW prime.
- Dark Elfs will be released sometimes next year in resin (yay!)
- Chaos Dwarfs *will* get done down the line, but not any time soon
- They will release rules for all star players and teams that ever existed, including the ones from the computer game
- The box was produced within 9 months - really fast, as usualy products of that scale have a 2 year prodution cycle
- There will be event only merchandise for Bloodbowl - t-shirt designs are done :)
- "Keep an eye on Facebook for an announcement"

Adeptus Titanicus:

- The Warlord and Questoris Knight are done, Reaver is currently sculpted, the large Knight was already 3D printed and he looks huge (larger than a terminator). Cerastus Knights will be done after the Reaver is finished.
- The Warlord is sized between the 28mm Questoris Knight and Leviathan. Actually, it's pretty much Thanatar sized, and also has the same amount of parts.
- The "starter box" will contain the rules, plastic scenary, plastic markers, special dice. No models in it - but there will be bundles on the FW site.
- they will do all the models in resin - maybe, maaaybe one day if it sells very well they can get green light for a full plastic starter box. But not any time soon.
- They will do the old EPIC slaaneshi titans/knights - but loyalist versions of them. The subjugator is a "lighter class" titan now, the smaller ones will still be knights afaik. They will get done in 8mm scale first, and later (hopefully) for 30k too.
- They want to do both Nemesis titans and Psy Titans :P
- Stuff that already had CAD files can be scaled down, but the other way isn't that easy. So don't expect 8mm stuff beeing released in 28mm soon afterwords, as you can't just upscale it.
- The game itself will be very tactical. It's based around a maniple of 5 titans and knights support. You will have large cards for each of your titans, and marker for void shields, damage, energy etc.
- There will be 3 modes to play similiar to AoS - open play where you can test the waters, matched play with points etc, and narrative mode based on scenarios.
- Machine Spirit traits are in and important.
- Legion traits will be in. *Maybe* we will even get teleporting Warp Runners ;)
- You can do an all Warhound army and play against lets say 5 Warlords - the site with the smaller titans will get battle traits to make these games fair.
- The first Black Book will be based upon the "Titansdeath". It's a huuuuge conflict whichs outcame enabled Horus to strike at Terra. Legio Mortis, Firebrands, Warp Runners, Maybe Legio Tempestus and a intro chapter about the first battle for Mars.
- More black books are planned - similiar to the "normal" HH series, but with AT rules and specific to these really large battles.
- ETA is roughly "first half of 2017".

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- The next months will all about the Iron Hill Dwarfes, Azogs forces for the Bo5A, and the source book for the last 2 hobbit movies, aswell as re-releases.
- The Hobbit sourcebook contains scenarios based on the Extended Cut.
- It will contain rules for all characters and units found there - even for yet unreleased stuff.
- The Dol Guldur Nazgûl will get rules, models and new titles. They are still the same guys as during the war of the ring, but different Incarnations, so they use different titles than the ringwraiths (since the ringwraith appereance was known by people, but the Dol Guldur by other ones, and not many connected them). Witchking and Khamul still have the same name though :P. They are too awesome^^
- Sometimes next year, the big project will be an new BRB with rules for the whole middle-earth range, including the name rebrand.
- After this, they want to focuse on sourcebooks again. They can use everything from the LotR books, the LoTR movies and the hobbit trilogy. No rights on the simarillion sadly, but they are allowed to write their own "lore" (like the Nazgûl names).
- Themes they can use for future sourcebooks are f.e.:
- The Last Alliance. The hobbit made some cool hints that are based on bigger Silmarillion/Lost Stories lore, so we may even get Thranduils dad getting eaten by dragons there :P
- The War of the Ring from the perspective of Thranduil, Dain and an old Bard. Dol Guldur will get manned again by Saurons forces, and heroes will die :P
- Angmar and Balins Expedition, with models based upon the hobbit movies
- Of course these are just examples of stuff they would like to do, nothing is decided yet.

Lady Atia

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