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Play it painted 8 !

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Hello everyone !!

It's play it painted Monday and in the end there was no submission (only promise) so i had to step up with a 95% WIP project i started last week, my Stormwall from warmachine. I still need to finish the shoulder crest (X2) + the base + cleanup. But you can see the most of it !

Method :

I painted the blue with my Airbrush using : Cygnar base + cygnar highlight by P3 then more highlight by adding white+grey to the mix, i dont have a very definite formula, i just go with the flow. the shade were made with airbrush too using Signal blue from vallejo, and a last shade by glazing with a brush (GW night drakenshade). I found that for spraying white or very small dot of shade, using Isopropanol 99% as a complement to my thinner is very good ! Make the paint very transparent but not runny as the alcohol dry mid hair !.

The metal is painted with a solid base of the new vallejo Metal Paint (acrylics) Then glaze the recess with nuln oil. Note i plan to get the new metal shade from vallejo, very dark and very thin pigment. Then i highlighted with glaze of liquid silver (alcohol base paint) , the method is super simple dilute the paint with 50% alcohol the glaze over part you want to highlight, you can do multiple layer to brighter finish. This new line of metal paint is Incredible !!

Copper is made with Liquid copper, then argrax earshade glaze then highlight with glaze of oldgold+copper.
Gold : is Old gold + Shinny gold glaze (both liquid metal series by vallejo)

Arcane Coil are : Arcane blue (p3 turquoise) then shade with a bit of blue+turquoise then highlight by adding white to the mix.

Then i made black line to separate part of the model. Note : I really need to try the new vallejo black wash for vehicule, i watched a tutorial video doing great black lining with it !!! Nuln oil dry a bit brown so i have tend to make my own black wash but it's pain to get the good consistency.

ps : I applied a satin varnish to non-metal part to keep the shine !

That's it ! I still need to make the base, the crests and the pods (3 extra models the Stormwall can place during game.). Maybe i do something more for the front swan gold crest but i like it like this !

Tell me what you think of it in comments !!


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