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Skorne Desert Hydra

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Hello all

Release is : January

Desert Hydra - Skorne Gargantuan Warbeast (hard plastic)

PIP 74086 MSRP: $109.99

The Desert Hydra is the newest Skorne gargantuan.

FEATURES: Capable of unleashing up to nine attacks per turn thanks to the Multiple Heads [5] rule and its Fury stat of 4, the Desert Hydra is a truly terrifying combatant. Combined with its capacity to rapidly heal damage thanks to its Regeneration and Snacking abilities, the Desert Hydra can mulch through infantry as well as heavy opponents, all the while keeping itself in full fighting form.
TRADE POINTS: Like all Skorne warbeasts, the Desert Hydra pairs well with Paingiver Beast Handlers (PIP 74085), but it also works with the Extoller Soulward (PIP 74040), who can grant the Desert Hydra’s attacks Damage Type: Magical for one turn.

Edit : Added some Menoth stuff (@thx party foul)


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