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GW Made to Order - what is it exactly?

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From the GW blog:

"We all love a bit of nostalgia in miniature form. Throwbacks to our childhood and our early forays into the worlds of Warhammer bring us all a little bit of joy, reminding us why we love this hobby. Today, we hope to bring you a little bit of that nostalgia with the launch of our Made to Order service. We can’t share our favourites as we are too busy buying them, so read on to find out the details...

What is Made to Order?

Sometimes products we haven't made for a while become available for a limited period of time. These products can be found in the 'Made to Order' section. They will always be available for at least 48 hours, but the more you buy, the longer we'll keep them on sale! As we don't start making them until we receive orders they can take up to 28 days to dispatch. You will receive a dispatch email when they leave, so you know they are on the way."

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