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Painting tutorial (human bloodbowl)

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hello everyone !!

Quick tutorial to paint this human linemen from bloodbowl :

With the air brush :

-i primed black

-zenital highlight at 45° angle with grey

-zenital from top with white.

the goal with a zenital is having having pre-shading so when you look from the bottom you see the dark

-Painted the blue armor with cygnar base blue (from p3)

note : The air flow was to high and i over sprayed a lot. it's a lot better not doing like me by thinning the paint more and use a lower psi.

-did shadow with signal blue from vallejo air (very dark blue with some weird tint)

-highlighted the blue with cygnar highlight
-more highlight by adding white to the blue

-then i did a light glaze with cygnar blue highlight to saturate the blue.

what i mean here is i want to make the blue more vibrant (and more blue) so i dillute the cygnar highlight blue a lot (a lot, very close to a wash), then i lightly sprayed it on the blue part to add blue without masking too much the other step.
I am not sure it's the correct method but heh work for me :D

Then switched to the brush :

-Added more shadow with blue ink from gw (with glaze medium in it)
-then i make small black line with black in from vallejo (don't use nuln oil because there is brown in it)
-lastly edge highlight with light sky blue.

-white is :
menoth base , rakarth flesh wash, menoth white highlight.

-brown is :
Snakebite leather i think, agrax wash and snakebite + white highlight.

-Metal :
-Vallejo gunmetal grey
-vallejo duroalluminium glaze (with glazing medium)

I do all my blend with the Two brush blending method.
Hope that help !!