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Magnus Sprue !

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Hello everyone !

Drake Seta from battle bunnies just posted the magnus sprue.

From Drake Seta :

Once again it is sculpted so it slots together perfectly, like all of their pure 3D renders do at the moment.

Was great to see Citadel staff having the opportunity to show off their work ahead of release like Forge World do (all because it was leaked).

From Atia :

- No other Sisters of Silence have been worked on yet. They wanted to see how popular the first set were.
- Resin upgrades for the plastic Custodes will get done, similiar to the Secutarii ones. Also more vehicles.
- The Custodes will get an army list equivalent to the Solar Auxilia.
- Talons of the Emperor armylist. You will be able to do a pure Sister list or pure Custodes list or mix.
- Custodes are older than Thunder Warriors. Info about their creation is heavily guarded by the Emperor. No packers.
- Jenetia Krole, Valdor and Ahriman will get rules in Inferno!
- Thousand Sons will have scalable psychic powers.
- Inferno is biggest book yet by 8 pages.
- Inferno should be ready for pre-release February the 4th!
- Next Black Book will feature Blood Angels and Dark Angels.

- Daemon Magnus seems to have an alternate head and a sword option!

- "Squats are NEVER being done. Ever. You will see fishman in space before Squats. And there is no love for fishmans in space :("


Wings for the chicken box! (or so :P)
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Also - via facebook
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