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X-wing Open series

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Hello everyone !!

FFG released the details of their Open series !!

There is 8 qualifiers, 5 in USA, 3 in EU, if you win one you get a ticket for the final (and transportation too ^^) the Coruscant invitational the April 13th 2017 in Orlando.

The first date in USA is : 28/29 jan (San antonio)
The first date in EU is : 18/19 feb (birminghan, UK)

Pilots, welcome to your briefing for the 2017 X-Wing™ System Open Series. Here, you can find all of the intel you will need to assemble your squadrons for this amazing series of events!

The X-Wing System Open Series encompasses eight events around the world. Each will crown an elite main tournament Champion, who will be assigned to the ultimate mission—the Coruscant™ Invitational, where fame and The Greatest Prize in Gaming™ await the victor.

Détails :

Event schedule + link for registration :

May the force be with you !! (especially today^^)