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The Manufactorum - Fan-art blog by IHF!

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

IHF from Bolter and Chainsword just started his own blog for his awesome artworks - and he's gonna do AoS and Xenos stuff this time too! Really exciting, especially if you like to see "stuff that doesn't look like a GW model but would fit the universe". He already did some great Horus Heresy concepts - from new legion specific ideas to mechanicum robots. He even writes his own rules for the stuff. Check it out!

I'm really looking forward to see more of your work, buddy ^_^

Lady Atia

What is 'The Manufactorum'?
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"First off, welcome!

Some of you might know me as Iron Hands Fanatic from my frequenting of The Bolter & Chainsword, or from my occasional moonlighting as IHF on The First Expedition forum. Anyhow, if you don't, then it's worth knowing that for the past 4 years I've been designing new units for the Warhammer Multiverse, primarily focusing on the Horus Heresy or 30k setting.

Well, I've been wanting to branch out into 40k proper and Age of Sigmar for a while, and much as I love the B&C, the forum only covers the armies of humanity for 40k & 30k, so that leads me here.

This blog is a combination of a place where I can explore new concepts, as well as cataloguing (and updating) previous designs. One approach I'd like to take when making concepts for new units is to take a faction and try and design 3 new units that would all work for them - and by faction, I don't necessarily mean individual armies - Vespids as a sub-faction of the Tau for example. That said, whether I'll stick to it is anyone's guess.

Anyhow, I hope you like this little outlet for some of my creative impulses, feel free to comment & say hi.

(And for the curious, MTL is a continuation of my apparent love for three-letter acronyms, although this time it's actually my initials, so have fun pondering that one)

- IHF"