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Wrath of Magnus: Tzeentch Daemons

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Wrath of Magnus brings not only new rules for your Thousand Sons - it also gives us daemon lovers some love. Bring on the horrors!

Lady Atia

Via Warhammer Community
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"As well as the scions of Magnus, and of course the Primarch himself, the upcoming second installment in the War Zone: Fenris series also heavily features the Daemons of Tzeentch.

In the story section of the book, the architect of many of the woes of the Space Wolves Chapter is revealed to be none other than the Changeling, manipulating the over-zealous forces of the Imperium to rain death on the Fenris System. But this herald of change is the least of their problems; as the Thousand Sons attack, the full inhuman carnival of daemonic horror that the God of Change can muster rampages across the death world of Fenris."

New Horror Rules!
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"Tzeentch’s Horrors get a rules update: Pink Horrors can now split into two Blue Horrors upon their death. And Blue Horrors can then further split into Brimstone Horrors when they die. Both Blue Horrors and Brimstone Horrors are available to include in your forces, both as units in their own right, or to represent splintered Pink Horrors.

But that’s not all, the warp-spawned warriors of change also gain a new Detachment, the Daemon Legion of Tzeentch – comprising multiple formations of Daemons and granting extra bonuses for dedicating your force solely to Tzeentch. The Formations also gives you a bunch of easy ways to add small contingents of Tzeentchian Daemons to another force, like, oh we don’t know… the Thousand Sons!

If you have a Daemon army dedicated to the lord of mutation and change, you’ll find plenty to like in the new book.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to look at the Thousand Sons themselves."