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Combat Phase Podcast - Wrath of Magnus Fluff (Spoilers, Duh!)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

We are back with the fluff - again thanks @ combat phase podcast :)

Lady Atia

Via klull from Combat Phase Podcast
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First, the fluff book has 4 chapters. Chapters 1-3 are the story of the narrative advancing and 4 is Sons of the Cyclops which details the organization of the TS. It tells us how now, post Heresy, nine cults of the TS each ruled by a powerful demon prince or exalted sorcerer (hey, fluff for your army!) bears the ancient rank of Magister Temple and work with more covens of powerful sorcerers (again, see the units available in this TS army book) to form the Rehati. A coven of kickass. Ranks go from top to sacrificial thralls as the hierarchy descends. We get the layout of actors on the Planet of the Sorcerers, Big Red of course in the center and circled by Rehati, Rubricae, Chaos cultists, Chaos Spawn (hey, even Chaos needs pets/janitors, right?). Tzaangors, Sekhmet (Scarab occult terms/sorcerers/landraiders), and Armory (for the movie’).

It’s cool with six different diverse color plate 2-page layouts of different groups, symbols, and painting options for each unit type. Real cool for alt. color schemes.

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"There are a lot of cool maps showing battles, deployment and killer art in this book, so have a look at it as you read the story.
The Changeling was masked as a vox master sowing confusion between the Dark Angels and Space Wolves, and the Grey Knights showed up with some Inquisition back-up. Through deception the demon had already forced the DA to bring their fortress The Rock to fire upon the SWs. He then seeks to take this even further to turn brother against brother and let the chapters destroy one another. That guise is spoiled but he gets away and wears Big Daddy DA Azrael’s face in a ruse to reveal the existence of The Fallen to all, to literally release them from their chambers beneath the Rock and let that secret just cause the chapters to grind even further. He passes security tests as he is identically Azrael for security purposes, despite the odd request, and goes about opening some chamber doors. Maybe I missed something but it seems like a small nugget there where someone unknown was let out or got out of their cell (maybe a short story or novel?).

The DA realize the Changeling is hunting the Lion himself, by releasing Luther from his cell to tell the truth of the DA history to the GK & Inquisition and sow further distrust. Is that what is actually down there, who knows? DA fans can devour that nugget. But as he, disguised as Azreal, reaches the end a small white cowled figure wielding a big-ass crozius meets him and turns him away. Remember that guy? His actual Azreal and pursuers meet him, demon battle ensues and before the Changeling is “killed” he appears to each hero from the DA, GK, and SW as a nemesis to haunt them. So the jig is up and the DA realize they’ve been duped and stop attacking the SW. Since the real threat has arrived…the TS!

Meanwhile, in the warp… warp shrifts are tearing open and the TS are attacking, using Silver Towers.

War is everywhere. Logan G is buried alive under plague-ridden Midguardia. The Alpha Legion and chaos cultists have been harrying the SWs. (some habits just die hard I guess) SW Great Companies are fighting throughout the system. Egil Ironwolf is determined to rescue Logan from his plague tomb below Midgardia, not giving up on him. Rune priests essentially do the exact same thing the World Eater psykers did in Betrayer and form a Lupine pay-commune to reach Logan.

Magnus wants revenge but not he learned a lesson in M32 at the Fang (by Chris Wraight, great book!) and instead this whole invasion is carefully calculated to be a reflection of how the TS, how Prospero suffered under the SW. And there’s even another layer to that…but that’s the super spoilers at the end if you really wanna know. He won’t exterminatus Fenris, so they divide their attacks all round Asaheim but not straight at the Fang. They attack from within, flame and magma demons burrowing from below. The Wold Time is clearly upon Fenris and the SW.
Silver Towers -remember that awesome leaked art of them above Fenris attacking a few months ago? are syphoning Fenris’s power and one is glowing like a sun. Magnus rips through reality and his host pours forth. Fenris will not just feel pain, it will feel everything the TS endured. Prospero, its people, its racial memory, the land itself, the veil between the warp and reality. The Wulfen have already presented the curse and the SW now know what it is like to be persecuted from a fellow brother chapter because of a genetic deviance. But it’s gonna get so much worse.

OK, I’m not going to spoil this past here. Even if you think “hey, screw it, I wanna know,” you might regret that. So after it comes out we can have a wonderful chat about it. If you REALLY ZOMG need to know the end then PM and I’ll get to it when I can. It’s like, midnight, here. So a few more questions then zzzzzz."