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Twelve cool facts/spoilers from 'Master of Mankind' (!!!SPOILERS!!!)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Eight (edit: now twelve) cool facts/spoilers about Master of Mankind - don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled. Also if you have read the book already - what do you think about it? Write and discuss in the comments below :)

8 cool spoilers for Master of Mankind (SPOILERS - DUH!)
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- There are Blackshield Knights - and a female baron!
- Many cool 'new' mechanicum units for 30k who have no rules yet - Battle-Servitors, Sicarii Vigilators, Kastelan Automata, Skitarii ... well, we know most of them already from 40k, right?
- Arkhan Land is in it. And he has a psyber monkey. And a Grav-Raider with a quad-volkite - the tank is the size of a Spartan.
- Speaking about Spartans - Grav-Spartans are a thing!
- Custodes have jetbikes and cataphractii terminators with incendium firepikes
- Sisters of Silence also use axes - and Grav-Rhinos
- Drachn'yen is there!
- If you fire your volkite weapon it will make CHOOOOM - yep, chooom is in the book :)

I really enjoyed the book - one of the best ones we got so far. Great work ADB!

Lady Atia

Since I got asked - four more, slightly larger, about the big E himself :)

- The Big E eats 1000 psykers in order to leave his throne and fight in the webway ... 1000 souls are enough for one day :P
- He used to prep bodies for burial rituals as a child - when he finds out that his uncle killed his dad he sees that humanity needs to be ruled. He stops his uncles heart with his psychic powers.
- He totally wrote Pinnocchio!
- He doesn't sees himself as "father" of the Primarchs. They are tools. He refers to them with numbers instead of names^^

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