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Temporal Distort: Citadel's original Slaanesh range

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Howdy Guys and Girls - and welcome back to another Temporal Distort - a look back at the past of Citadel and Games Workshop!

Today I want to share some of the original Slaanesh models. The armies of the Princess of Pleasure went through many changes over the years (especially during the Juan Diaz Era), and it's interesting to see the original designs on the newer Slaanesh kits!

Daemons and Renegades
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The original Slaanesh Daemons had most stuff they have today already - Keeper of Secrets, Daemonettes, Fiends and Mounts of Slaanesh (not yet called Seekers).

Warhammer Fantasy had a range of different champions - including one with a fishhead (which was meant to be the head of a fiend).

Rogue Trader saw a release of Chaos Renegades - already called Emperor's Children in the case of the slaaneshi versions. They had normal renegades, renegades with mutations, renegades on mounts and even heavy support! Fabius Bile existed in the fluff back then, but only recieved a model later - also, no Noise Marines yet!

Take a look at the models, and enjoy some glory from the Realms of Chaos!

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Lady Atia

The hosts of pleasure!
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