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Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia (Q&A transcript)

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we'll add stuff from the Q&A

Atia & bob

- Fluff background about Cadia. It's Super Super Important!
- There are more than the 13 Black Crusades. Abaddon led 12 of them so far!
- Each of his crusades had a purpose, the goals were achieved!

- 2017 = 30 Years of 40k. They plan to continue 30 more years =)

- Abaddon is Warmaster of Chaos. Leader of all the traitor legions.
- We don't know what he plans yet! We know that he is on his 13th, this looks to be aimed at the Cadian Gate.
- Full might of traitor legions, all the forces the eye can muster are aimed at Cadia.
- 2016 already saw the return of Magnus, the rise of the Genestealers, Deathwatch returning, Eldrad doing sheningangs - lots of stuff to come in 2017, this continues!

- The Battle of Cadia is set up since the Heresy. They knew the bad guys would come out one day, so they fortified Cadia, similiar to Terra during the HH!
- There is an imperial character who has done something for 10k years ;)

- "Chaos rises. War rages, imperium faces its darkest hour"

- Inquisitor Greyfax. First ever plastic Inquisitor. Female :D
- Wears some kind of sororitas power armour. Combi-boltgun. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor!
- She has unique rules. She is a psyker!

- Whatever you collect, you will have the best time in 2017! It's gonna be the best year in the history of 40k. 2018 is even gonna be more awesome :P - this is page one of excitement!

- Belisarius Cawl. New AdMec Character. He is 10k years old! He had a mysterious mission!
- Huge Archmagos Dominus. Size of a Carnifex.
- T6. Five wounds. He is a beast!

- New Plastic Celestine. Accompanied by two Geminii.

- 3 Heroes that are getting models are the ones who stand against the tide of Chaos at Cadia.

- AoS Q&A tomorrow. The change is coming ;)

- GS: Fall of Cadia: New rules to play battles around the Cadian Gate. Any army can use them.
- Fall of Cadia - January the 7th!

A storm is coming ...
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