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Community Support: Scenery Commisions

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Thumb warhammer 40k screenshot 1920x1080

Howdy Guys and Girls - little community request from Kaelo Rylanus :)

"Just a quick one tonight.

I have been in discussions with a fantastic MDF lasercut scenery designer and I have offered him the community here to do some market research.

What I really want to know from all of you is what scenery, objects, gaming aids etc would you like to see for any of Games Workshops systems? There are so many gaps in the market and so many designers do different variations of the same thing.

I will collate all information and I will send to the designer, who knows - we may just see some get done.

Email me your ideas at or hit me or Battle Bunnies up on Facebook.

Please please please respond, it's for the good of the hobby!!!

Stay fluffy


Would be cool to get lot of input - what stuff do you want to see? Blood Bow Pits? Hive Underground Terrain? A Crystal Labyrinth? Or something else :)?

Lady Atia