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Adeptus Titanicus Delayed

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Howdy Guys and Girls - some infos regarding AT via Drake Seta :)

"- Adeptus Titanicus is delayed (it was originally planned to be released around february). Not being rushed out. Might be out before the end of the year.

- There will be complete plastic buildings (which you can destroy yourself, by cutting etc).
- Thanks to Blood Bowl, and the delay there is a possibility of plastic Titans which go on sale at the same time as the black book / resin ones.
- The book art for 'Titan's Death' is being worked on right now.
(Also see )"

Lady Atia

Also, just to add a bit more:

- There will be FW Realm of Battle Boards for Adeptus Titanicus where you can slot in the plastic scenery
- For now, they will keep it with Adeptus Titanicus. We may see a massed tank system for Tallarn, and a flyer game down the line, but currently they don't want to do 30k/40k with 8mm scale. That said, they have made test pieces for Marines and Custodes aswell as Contemptor Dreads in 8mm, and you can see details, so we may get it in the future - but anyways, it's a long term project.