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Lord of Change revealed

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Via Warhammer Community :)

"This towering Daemon of Tzeentch stands as tall as a Bloodthirster and sits alongside Magnus, Nagash and the Imperial Knight as one of the most iconic and imposing centerpiece miniatures in the whole Citadel range.
Every inch of this model is dripping in detail: esoteric runes, staring eyes, magical books, arcane scrolls and more besides – it’s a painter’s dream, especially when combined with the myriad colour schemes that Tzeentch’s greatest daemonic champions lend themselves to.

The kit can also be used to create Kairos Fateweaver, the notorious and fickle two-headed Daemon of past and future destinies. We’ll have some shots of this build for you very soon."

I've seen Kairos and I can tell you one thing guys and girls - HE IS SO AWESOME!

Also, that's not the last daemon you will see with this release ...

Lady Atia

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