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Temporal Distort: Jes Goodwin's original Space Skaven Artworks (~1991)

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Howdy Guys and Girls - and welcome to 2017's first Temporal Distort - a look back at the past of Citadel and Games Workshop!

Today I would like to look back at the work of Jes Goodwin, and some of his original design work. The stage is set for ..... Space Skavens!

Wait, ... Space Skavens o.O?
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Yep, Space Skavens. Some of you may know - Jes Goodwin worked on the initial design for the Skavens in Warhammer Fantasy. As their technomancy didn't felt out of place in Warhammer 40.000 he also experimented with a sci-fi version of the Skaven.

In contrast to their fantasy cousins, these rat-man had a WWI and Jules Verne-influenced look, and they would have been specialised in trench warfare, flame-throwers and warpstone-gas.

Sadly - from my knowledge, they never got made into model form, and years later Forgeworld experimented with Hrud but never did more than some prototype weapons. But who knows - maybe we will get them down the line in the future - anything is possible these days!

Lady Atia

Thanks @ Jon Boyce and Orlygg from Oldhammer for the picture material :)

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