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The Vanguard of the Storm…

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Hello everyone !

These swift and deadly warriors are a new type of Stormcast Eternal – rangers, trackers and cavalrymen without compare. They are swift vengeance to the forces of Chaos, and the outriders and scouts of Sigmar’s armies. The models that are on the way make for an imposing army (and you may recognise a little piece of their kit from a previous Rumour Engine…).

Still waiting on : Gryph-chargers a new type of mount !

And a New battletome !

To accompany this impressive range of new models the Stormcast Eternals are also getting a brand new Battletome. This book will match the format of the recent Disciples of Tzeentch book, and will be packed with content for those who love Sigmar and his champions. The background of the book, like Chaos Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch before it, explores the setting beyond the events of the Realmgate Wars, including Sigmar’s new cities.

Gamers will find all the current Stormcast Eternal units, as well as all the news ones in there, along with Allegiance Abilities, battleplans, magical Artefacts, Battalions, prayers and more besides. For the first time, we’ll also get specific abilities to represent the most famed Stormhosts like the Hammers of Sigmar and the Hallowed Knights (Only the Faithful!)

February is going to be a great time for Stormcast Eternals players.


Thumb sce vanguard hunters
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