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Play it painted - Archaon

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Morning everyone !!

Play it painted monday with Archaon painted by Adam Black ! Special GG to him for finishing a model this big. It looks like painting the everchosen wasn't a walk in a park ^^

Quoting Adam :

I got Archaon at the end of 2015 more or less when he first came out, and after a good first month of paint work he spent almost a year sitting on my shelf not getting any love, but then Magnus came along and I promised myself that I couldn't paint Magnus until I finished Archaon, and so at last (more than a year later) he is finally finished!

It's even more impressive. Myself i have a lot of models that have been wip for month. And once my paint drive is turned off i have an hard time finishing them. Or even painting at all :(

I think it would be beneficial for everyone to share motivational tips.
If you are reading this, you can answer the question in comment :

"How do you motivate yourself back in painting models that have been WIP and untouched for many month (or years) ?"

ps: pics are a bit dark check the imgur for original files :

Well done Adam

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