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Temporal Distort: Pets and Roborgs from Rogue Trader

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Howdy Guys and Girls - and welcome back to another Temporal Distort - a look back at the past of Citadel and Games Workshop!

Today I want to show you some fun, cute and weird stuff from Rogue Trader.

First we have a trio of xenos beasts in the picture above. The RT book had rules for a lot of different xenos creatures aswell as plantlife. From horse to genestealer, Ptera-Squirrel or Cudbears - you had a lot of awesome stuff there. Most of you will recognise the Jokaero and Gyrinx - an internet-cookie if you know the third pet above!

The "Baby" Zoat
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Another cool piece produced during the 90's is the "Baby" Zoat. Sadly it never went into production, and we don't even know why it was produced, as it was far smaller than other Zoat models. What we know for sure - it was painted by Roy Scorer - and we want Zoats back in modern 40k!

Iron Claw Roborgs and Space Ork Runtbots and Robotz
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Mhm, what might Ork Robots, Cyborks and Servitors look like ..... well, here is the answer. These roborgs and the megabot were designed by Bob Olley (the guy who did most of the Squat models), and initially released as part of the 'Iron Claw' range. Sadly they were quite limited, even back then. They also released Space Ork Runtbotz and Robotz, designed by Kev Adams.

Hope you enjoyed this little look back into the past - thanks @ The Stuff of Legends for picture material :)

Lady Atia

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