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New horde faction revealed

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Hello everyone !!

Warmachine new faction : the grymkin !!

Look like a mix of Halloween/zombie/jail meet tim burton but without JD
I am no cryx player but i can imagine them angry
(ps: cryx is very close to the concept presented, and was nerfed hard to make place for this faction.)

new type of warlock/caster, they don't have a feat but have trigger that can unleash strong power !.
They are basically 5 entity that refused Menoth (main god) and were banished to hell.
And now they are back, released by the old witch (baba yaga like). Old witch is both a caster for Khador, a warlock for Grymkin (and the only one to have a feat)

SmogCon Reveal:
New Faction is Grymkin
6 casters, the original men who defied Menoth at the creation of the world
No feats in the faction
3 warbeasts revealed, an offensive heavy that gains power with kills, defensive heavy that seems to torture models to support casting (upkeeps, has arcane vortex), anti-infantry light
Infantry revealed:
Hollow men - ranged infantry. Deserters from various armies
Pig Men - Gluttons. Impervious flesh, melee infantry
Some farmer guys or something. Melee troops that collect enemy corpses and can give them to allies
4 warlocks revealed:
The Child - Front line caster, little girl with a "doggie" that she sends to murder people. Can "set the world on fire" if you break her toys.
The Dreamer - Can't really figure this one out, but she "puts enemies to sleep (knockdown) and kills them with their nightmares"
The Heretic - Infantry support, anti-magic.
Old Witch2 is Both a Grymkin Warlock and Khador Caster. Has a feat


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