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Adversaries in Shadows over Hammerhal (light spoilers and image heavy)

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Morning everyone :)

I took pictures of all the adversary stats found within the rule book.
Only the models in the box are actually in the story but you can use exotic adversaries too.
I really like that they included the banner, musician and champion stats for eligible entries.
Now that behavior tables are optional it will be a lot more fun to play for me. But don't forget that enemies activate by group and roll behavior by group, so if you decide to use a behavior the full group must use it.

The monster stats are kind of spoiler but here's the list :

- Chaos Sorceror Lord of Slaanesh
- Kairic Acolytes
- Putrid Blightkings
- Bloodreavers
- Blood Warriors
- Wrathmongers
- Tzaangors
- Tzaangor Skyfires
- Plague Bearers

Dont look further down if you don't want to see the numbers ;)
I croped some behavior table and didn't included the lord stats ^^


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