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Play it painted - Ogor Mawcrusha

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Hello everyone !!

Jack painting send us pics of his Ogor Mawcrusha and they were so good that we had to share them !!!.
Super paint job and awesome idea using the Head of an ogor, i am going to steal it !!!

Check his instagram form more goodies :

Quoting jack :

This is the centre piece to my Destruction army, 'Tyberous Khan, Warlord of the Hungry Mountain'.

As soon as the Ironjawz were released, I knew I need at least one Mawcrusha for my collection.
After reading Gordraks rules, I needed him to head my army of Beastclaw Raiders. To have him fit the aesthetic of my Ogor based army i had to convert him a little : The conversion was a simple head swap, and a gut plate both from Beastclaw Raiders kits.

When choosing what colour to paint him, I wanted to keep a close theme with my other Ogors. I'd previously used the same pale flesh tones, white hair and black iron, so they were a must.

For the Mawcrusha, I wanted him to be a muted tone that matched the wintery northern feel of the Beast Claw raiders. So I went for a lichen/mossy green to make him look like he was hewn from the rock itself.

For the horns I chose to use 'Blood for the blood god', another colour that features on all of my Ogors.

Thx jack

If you painted something and want to share it send us a mail at : ;)


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