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Azyr - AoS Armybuilder live!

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via Warhammer Community

"Great news for Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans today – your essential companion to gaming in the Mortal Realms has just got a new feature.

The new ‘Azyr’ tool, is a subscription service army building upgrade for your app. It’s a tool to let you create army lists for open, narrative and matched play. It will let you know when you meet the minimum requirements for a game of that type and if your army is valid or not for your style of game."

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"Azyr is handy for those who own the books digitally as well as those who prefer the printed editions – it is designed as a tool that can be used alongside either option. It doesn’t contain the full rules for everything, so you will still need those, but unit Warscrolls themselves are still free to download in the app itself.

Every army will be supported with Azyr, including those currently using Compendium Warscrolls, in Grand Alliance books and new armies that have only just received a battletome."

Personalise and Export
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"The army builder works with the existing My Battle portion of the app, but doesn’t replace it, so you can easily add your existing My Battle units to it if you’d like. You’ll have the ability to customise your army too, by adding your own photo’s and names to units in your army list.

And if you need to export your army list to share it with others – for events and tournaments, or just with friends – you can do that too.

And how much do all these awesome features cost?

£0.99 / month.

Update your app to gain access, or if you don’t have it on your device yet, download it for your tablet or phone today."

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