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Gathering Storm III - Goodies for your Ultramarines

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Howdy Guys and Girls - today I want to talk about some goodies you can take for your Ultramarines thanks to GSIII :)

Victrix Strike Force
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The Victrix Strike Force is a new detachment unique to the Ultramarines and their successor Chapters. This represents their courage, honour and tactical brilliance. It allows you to use all three doctrines on all your Ultramarine models in your army, and you have no restrictions on turns or combinations. You also get objective secured and a Warlord Trait re-roll.

Speaking about warlord traits - you also get some new Ultramarines specific traits including "Adept of the Codex" - Warlord and firendly units within 6" have the split fire rule.

New relics and formations
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You also get a bunch of new cool relics - including the helmet of THIEL FROM THE HORUS HERESY!!!

Regarding formations - you get two in this book.

The first is the Triumvirate of the Primarch. Cypher, Voldus and Guilliman - they can re-roll failed saving throws each turn and they give your units the Stubborn special rule.

The Victrix Guard is a honour guard formation that should be used alongside your Primarch as it gives him Look Out, Sir rolls.

That's all from me about the Ultramarines :)

Lady Atia

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