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Community Integrated Development is going well !

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Hello again everyone !

A little update on the CID (open beta using player feedback) by Privateer Press.
There was a lot of doubt and whine after PP closed their forum (general and faction section) and created a new open beta forum (with very strict rules). But now that rage settled down Will Shick comment on how the CID is going and announce the next phase of the CID :

Going into open beta :
-Battle engine UP (more power and more box 30-38)
-Bane theme

-Steam Roller 2017

To be honest i am actually surprised at the quality of the exchange on the CID forum, the feedback is real and tester are super invested. It look like a huge success but i prefer to wait to see how ppl behance when we go into faction specific buff and nerf.

Insider :

What do you think of this as a player ? could it be adapted to 40K ? Aos ? We already have some sort of beta with the AOS points value from general handbook2.