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Review: Blades of Khorne

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Hello everyone !!

Blades of Khorne is the new Khorne Battle Tome going on pre-order this week.
It's a 152 pages hardcover book.

What I liked :

- Lots of illustrations.
- Bunch of fluff and stories.
- Regrouped Bloodbound, mortal and daemon armies.
- Bloodtithe system for Khorne only armies! (you get points by killing or be killed and you can use them for extras)
- Extra prayers for Khorne Priests.
- Large collection of Warscrolls battalions for Mortals and Daemons ( Some are very very very good).
- 4 new types of chapter like battalions (see the image down there).
-There is a 3-8 Bloodthirster only formation ^^ (Council of Blood, my new life goal !) .
- Daemonic gifts (weapons and adornments).
- Extra banner options for "Totem" hero.
- Artefacts of power for mortals, Trophies for Bloodbound.
- 18 command traits (6 for Bloodbounds, 6 mortals, 6 daemons).
- Bloodreaver got a save now 6+ but cost 1 more point.
- Heavy metal section is well furnished ;)

What I miss/dislike :

- A Beastmen of Khorne section :'(
- Old mortal Warscrolls (but it's on the App anyway)
- The big battalion are a bit too big to use them. The Stormcast Chamber battalion were more reasonable.

Conclusion :

The book is very fun to read with loads of great ideas ! My khorne motivation is at 100% now !!
It's not a quick money grab and it's very nice. They took their time to update Stormcast and Khorne battletomes.
If you are a khorne player it's a very solid buy.


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