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Review: Kharadron Overlords (The Fluff)

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Hello everyone !!

Today the kharadron are going on pre-order (arkaunot, admiral, frigate, battle tome). If you watched the video here you already have an idea of who they are !!!

Let's go a bit deeper with an exploration of the fluff/imagery of the Kharadron battle tome (144pages)

I) Birth : At some point all the great Karaks fell and there was a flood of refugee to the sky forts and airborne mining colonies (Bespin ?^^) to avoid civil war they had a big meeting in Madralta and they made a code, unifying all the sky ports.

II) Evolution : They discovered Aether-gold some kind of magical gaz that can't be detected with magic or science.
This drawback became a boon as they stayed hidden from the chaos gods.

III) Society: The kharadron are a meritocracy, they don't trust kings, or gods. Every one can climp the ranks or fall if not successful. Great captain become Admiral and the best of them join a council of admirals. All the sky ports are ranked by wealth and the top 6 get to send delegates to the Geldraad (UN for Kharadron). Science took place of worship for nearly all the of the Kharadron.
Lastly, Kharadron have their own network of hidden realmgate !

Delegate number :

Size of the ship ^^

IV) works : Getting profit is the main focal point of the Kharadron and the code ensure that, so they protect their bussiness partner because code say it ^^. But their prime activity is mining Aethergold also called the breath of Grungni, the lifeblood of the Kharadron society. Ho boy it's not an easy task : First you have to find it , then to harvest it you have to fight beast like : Harkraken, chimera and megalofin. During large harvest operation the question is not if an attack is going to happen but when !!

V) Ennemies and friend :
-Grotbag scuttlers are mentionned as an aerial army ! (OMG)
- Skaven are cited but no mention of their fleet.
- Record of Flying whaag are in the battletome too.
-Tzeencht with kairos made a big blocus of one of the sky ports but they all united to break the blocus and somekind of magic shield.
-There is mention of a BIG GUN TRAIN by the duardin from azyr !!!!!!
-They help Fireslayers on a few big fight (no kidding they need help :/)

VI) Equipements :

VII) The 6 sky ports.
the 6 mains are :
Barak Urbaz (Traders, fishermen, transporters)
Barak Zilfin (pilot)
Barak Mhornar (cheater ^^)
Barak Thryng (old school conservative dwarf.)
Barak nar (biggest and full of scientist)
Barak zon (first and highest in the sky, military tradition)

VIII) Organisation

That conclude part 1
Don't forget to check the image down there.
Ask question i'll try to answer.


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