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Review: Kharadron Overlords (Warscrolls and units)

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Hello again !

2nd part of the Kharadron book : the units & warscrolls.

Disclaimer : Warscrolls are free so i can post them all can't do the same with the other stuff.
12 Warscrolls : i added most of them down there :

Frigate :

Ironclad :

The Kharadrons have 4 formations and 1 Army wide formation.
One of them is a mix stormcast + kharadron.
Some Exemple :

This one give shield guard for Heroes near the Company.

Transform a 1 per battle power to a 1 per turn ^^

Focus firing benefit (feel strong)

My favorite, give Reroll to charge and extra shooting first turn, with the right command ability you can run and shoot first turn with 1 extra shoot per weapons.

Some items/ commands trait :

After thinking a lot about these Battalions, i think they are good but nothing crazy like the Stormcast one.
Honestly at first i was not so impressed with the power level of the Kharadron as a whole. But the more i read the book the more i find them interesting with a lot of indirect way to hurt/survive/move/defend.

Super hyped to start an army of them :D

Tell me what you think or ask question in comments !!


ps: the book is so big that i am going to make a third parts for the painting section/ heavy metal showcase.

Ironclad zoomable rules
Thumb clad2

Frigate zoomable rules
Thumb frig2

Thumb brokk
Thumb navigators
Thumb khemist
Thumb gunboat
Thumb thunderer
Thumb ballon1
Thumb ballon2 skywarden