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Atia paints Kharadron Overlords (and/or Squats?!)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a little overview post for my Kharadrons/Squats. Yep you heard right - I plan to use them for both systems (similiar to daemons), and I'll also do some conversions in the future. I spend the last days painting the first five arcanauts and started the frigate - and I need to say, this is probably the best tank-like kit I ever build. I didn't need any green stuff for gaps and there were almost no mold lines - and the details are quite awesome!

Size comparison
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The arcanauts use 28mm bases and are roughly a head smaller than GW scaled humans - that said, I *think* they are a bit bigger than old dwarfes.

Arcanauts and Frigate
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My stunties are based upon the Barak Zilfin scheme - thunderhawk blue, black and gold!

The frigate is still WIP - I hope to finish it in the next days. As some of you may have guessed already - the base was for the airship. And yep, the old BFG mines are meant to be antigrav mines!

Hope you like them - I'll start to write 30k/40k rules for them once the next edition hits :)

Lady Atia

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