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First game of Shadow War

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Hello again everyone :)

Yesterday we made our fist Shadow War game and I wanted to make a brief feedback post:

I) Players
We were four and we decided to do a 2vs2 (other option was FFA or some sort cross duel)
I was playing Scouts (marines proxying for regular scout with bolter)
One was Orks (my own Orks!)
One was Eldar (Iyanden)
Last one was Black Templars (using chaos space marines rules because "fuck i don't want to play scouts".)

A lot of models were dusty like hell sorry if it shows on the pics !

II) Terrain
We used the shadow war box, one necromunda box, and a bunch of crates and tombstones from dead man hand.

Another view :

III) The game

We were playing the basic scenario - killing is all that matters!
The game went well we had a lot of fun and lot of mistakes were made (rules and strategies).
The eldar player was CHEATING ^^ by having only recruits+one platform+one leader booohoooo
scout+eldar won vs orcs + chaos of black templars! but we declined the victory as the eldar had an illegal list :D
The game lasted less than 90 mins, ended when they rolled a 10 on the morale phase - ending the game at the start of their turn 6 I think.

IV) Pro and cons :

Pro :
- It's so good playing Necromunda again!
- The rules work very well.
- Melee is super dangerous but super decisive!
- The post game sequence is simple (see cons)
- There are a lots of skills to gain.

Cons :
- In Necromunda the stats and stuff were a lot weaker so game tended to last quite few turns, in shadow war 2 guardians with catapult can shred a section in seconds. (ok it's a cons but it could be a Pro too)
- Threat ranges are a bit high.
- The Amount of stuff you can buy is limited :( - I want more options!
- The money system is cumbersome, we already changed it to: you win 100 points at the end of the game and you add it to your reserve. (you can save) Can convert cache to 100 as much as you want.

Thing we want to house rule:
- Already changed the money system (you gain 100 post game and can transform cache in money)
- We want special operatives to have a price tag and then stay with the section. (and do some progression system for them).
- Extended list of Equipment.

Possible house rule we maybe want to add :
- Space marines section.
-I ndividual XP (ala necromunda)
- Dire avanger shurkine fix (why does it become less good than the guardian version?)

In Conclusion

we had a BLAST !!!! the game is so fun and mean ^^ We already planned our game for next week ! ;)
The Black Templar of chaos ended with 2 models captured !! (leader and trooper) their only victim (eldar guardian) was made by a cultist


Dueling !
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