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Play it Painted: Rodientia Ex Machina (aka Space Skaven!)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Take a look at these awesome Space Skaven by McGibs - they are so cute!

Rodientia Ex Machina
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"I just completed my massive Skaven Renegade & Heretic army in time for the Astronomicon tourny in Toronto this weekend!

I've been wanting to make this army since imperial armour 13 dropped with the R&H army list, and I knew Skaven were going to be my go to because I think they're such a great and characterful range of models (also I already have a guard army, and I didn't want to repeat myself!). With the way the R&H (and the Vraks horde list in particular) can respawn, this is truly the epitome of an endless ravening horde of evil minions (backed up by some colossus stompy robots)!

I started collecting parts for assembly about a year ago, grabbing bits off ebay. The Skaven Clanrats were perfect to buy in bulk, coming in around only .50cents per model, but then I also needed to stock up on Dark Eldar arms for pistols and melee weapons. The DE arms are a perfect fit and aesthetic, but I had to do a -lot- of shaving off clanrat left arms (shield arms) to add pistol/weapon combos to the majority of the infantry.

Painting the chaff was geared purely for production line efficiency. They're 3 point models, so they only need to look good 'en masse. Primed brown, basecolour grey/red/metal, a quick dip in Army Painter Strong Tone, sprayed with Dullcoat, pick out eyes/teeth/rivets and base with copious amounts of blood. The majority of the 100 or so infantry models were painted in about a month, on and off.

The army consists of 6x 15 man infantry squads (that respawn on a 2+), 3 Helbrutes, 3 Soul Grinders, 3 Rapiers, and assorted support/command infantry."

You can see more of his stuff here:

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