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Starting a little update !

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hello everyone !!

Installing a small update on the blog, hope nothing break.
sorry for the lag and possible crash.

DISQUS API is down for maintenance it's not me :D (of course it happen at the same time)


edit :

-removed the max number of tag (bad idea^^ and wtf 2 tag list)
-created a community post section, it's a big disqus thread if you want to submit, image, leak, story...
should be archived once a week( may change)
-a small warhammer tv windows to check if the stream is online (i think i should be able to make a channel selector)
-app should be faster on phone (removed moving image on the phone)

edit 2 : can't go full screen with twitch on iphone.

Edit 3 : page number position is bugging, will do tomorow !