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It's bloodbowl week !

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Hello everyone !!!

Deathzone 2 is on pre order this week end.

Full rules for many rosters :
nothing different than CRP

In Blood Bowl Death Zone Season Two you’ll find:

- New teams! Included are rules for Underworld Denizens, Goblins and Chaos Renegades
- 12 Star Players – Dwarf, Skaven, Dark Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Amazon, Human, Halfling, Lizardmen, Vampire, Goblin, Chaos Renegade and Norse teams are covered – with background, new artwork and rules for use in games;
- New optional rules! Do you want to keep a Star Player in your team for a while? Now you can have them stick around for a much-needed boost. Running short on gold? Sponsorship deals can help out, if you don’t mind swallowing your pride and shilling McNurty’s Burger Emporium. Looking for a stadium residency? Make enough gold and you can buy your own!
- Rules for well-known referees and coaching staff, with their own quirks and specialities, and rules for different stadium and pitch types;
- History and team rosters for 6 new Hall of Fame entries – The Warpfire Wanderers, The Greenboyz, The Grudgebearers, The Celestial Comets, Chaos All-Stars and The Underworld Creepers;
- The Official Blood Bowl reference guide – an up-to-date summary of available teams, and a Skills Update featuring some corrections, clarifications and new skills following feedback from the Blood Bowl community;
- A ton of all-new background content detailing key teams, players and events in the history of Blood Bowl; facts and figures that every fan needs to know.

-Made to order : None of the team have full positional that sux :/ if i want to play vintage i need to order 2 :(

Lizardmen (missing 2 saurus)
Necromantic Horror (only 1 wolf and 1 flesh golem)
Shambling Undead (only 2 ghouls)
High Elf (only 2 receiver)

- Goblin team, that mean 12 goblin and no positional. (Secret Weaons via Forgeworld)
- One box of 4 goblins.
- One underworld team (the creepers): it's a skaven team + goblin team + 1 troll.
- Da Deff Skwadd: orcs team + goblin box of 4 + 1 troll.


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