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Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus: T’au Empire

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Hello again !!

Tau time !

The Stormsurge has amazing firepower with its 10 weapons…and yes, I said 10 weapons, each of which can fire on a different target

The Anchors grant +1 to hit in the Shooting phase,

Markerlight hit on a target, allowing any T’au unit to reroll 1’s when firing on that unit

The Stormsurge also has the Walking Battleship special rule which allows him to Fall Back from combat and still shoot, while also ignoring the penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons.

missile pods for that lovely AP-1 and D3 damage per shot!

The flamers give you nasty Overwatch defence, as they auto-hit incoming units

supporting fire is still around, now called “For the Greater Good.”

(XV8) they have the Fly keyword? This allows them to Fall Back from combat and still shoot at full effect. Brutal!


Drone sniper
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