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New Warhammer 40,000: Tactical Reserves

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Hello again !

Reserve time !!

Key points :
- only units with special rules can be held in reserves
-no scatter for deep striking units
-coming on from reserves doesn't prevent charge
-competitive play armies can only hold 50% of their army in reserves (50% must start on the board).

For a start, not every unit can be placed in reserve, so most of your army will usually deploy on the battlefield at the start of the game.

While there are no longer universal special rules like Deep Strike or Outflank,

so you can still expect units like Terminators to teleport down, Genestealer Cults units to ambush and Ork Kommandos to use their kunnin’ to sneak up on the foe.

So we can see that this will be quite a powerful ability. Not only delivering the Trygon into the heart of the enemy force, but also an accompanying unit of Tyranids. And there’s nothing stopping them from charging this turn either! Though that 9″ distance to the enemy (which is common to a lot of units with similar abilities) will mean that the averages on the dice will be against you for that 2D6 charge distance. (You can always use your Command Re-roll of course…)

Matched play games use a special mission rule called Tactical Reserves.

This rule helps limit some of the more extreme cases of withholding reserves in competitive games. So, while it’s totally possible to have an all Deathwing Terminator army, for example, you can’t use the teleport rules on all of them in matched play.

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