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Death zone S2

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Hello everyone !!

Death zone is released tomorow and gw release a big article about it !

highlight are :

Season Two weighs in at 80 pages (as opposed to Season One’s 48)

there are thirteen new Star Players, from old favourites like Barik Farblast and Helmut Wulf, to new faces like Karla von Kill and Kreek Rustgouger (a.k.a. the Verminator)

don’t worry, long-time coaches, Wizards will be back!).

rules for permanently adding Star Players to your roster.

Want to give teams more character? There are rules for finding a home stadium, complete with odd quirks (my personal favourite being the Sloping Pitch, which causes the ball to scatter using the throw-in template as it rolls downhill!).

Coaches clamouring for more cash? Give them the option to broker a sponsorship deal

There are even rules for introducing famous referees to the game

(in)famous coaching staff such as Galandril Silverwater and Papa Skullbones can give unique support to teams from the sidelines – for the right price!

trio of “new” teams: Goblins, Chaos Renegades and Underworld Denizens

Based on feedback from the community, we’ve included a full skills list. You’ll find all the skills from Season One (with any errata and clarifications applied), plus the ones from the Teams of Legend pdf and a couple of new ones for this Season

Just like in Season One, the last ‘proper’ section of the book is the Hall of Fame. Here you’ll find six famous teams, each with a powered-up roster representing them at a notable point in their career and a special rule that makes them play in a unique, interesting way.

Full article

Team of legends



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