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New Warhammer 40,000: Vehicles

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Hello again !!

Today fix of V8 is Vehicule !!

For a start, it’s using the same stats as everyone else, so armour values on the various facings are out, and instead, we have Toughness, Wounds and an Armour Save,

Also, it’s got Attacks and Strength! So it can fight (albeit inexpertly) in combat

Some dedicated combat vehicles (commonly what used to be Walkers), will have melee weapons too

Generally, these attacks will have a poor to hit roll (5+ or 6+) but high strength

Ork vehicles can be kitted out with some pretty deadly close combat options, which now function just like any other specialist close combat weapon: get hit by a Deathroller, for example, and prepare to be a pancake.

Vehicles will be affected by all the other new rules

They shoot just like everyone else does, including (with a few exceptions) -1 to hit with heavy weapons if they move.

They can even charge! which effectively replaces the Tank Shock rules, except ANY vehicle can do it and they then fight just like any other unit in the Fight phase.

Yay they removed a bunch of useless rules and streamlined everything at last !!!!! and i am so happy about Orcs vehicule !!!

Really solid stuff today !


Always look at the bright side of life !
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