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Death Zone Season 2 - The New Starplayers!

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today we have a little preview for Death Zone Season 2 - about the new Star Players to be precise! If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments below :)

13 new Star Players!
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Yep that's right - the book gives us 13 new awesome Star Players - some old time favourites and some wholy new characters!

Barik Farblast:
- A ballzooka wielding dwarf - no, the inventor of the Ballzooka wielding his newest secret weapon - what do you want more. His original team are the Grudge Bearers. For 60,000 gp he will give you some extra thrower power.

Glart Smashrip:
- The classic cute fat skaven player - seriously, that guy is FAT! He used to play as blocker for the Skavenblight Scramblers and is more or less a Skaven Cannibal. He costs 190,000 gp and can play for Skaven or Underworld Denizens - and he will give you some much needed defence!

Kreek Rustgouger
- Also known as "The Verminator". He is basically a rat ogre turned into a walking secret weapon. Need some extra punch power for Skaven or Underworld teams? Go for it!

Horkon Heartripper:
- A Dark Elf player who killed 216 other players - with his little fancy stabing knife. For 210,000 gp you can get this deadly assassin to deal with your enemies hardest critters.

The Swift Twins:
- Two elfen star players who must be hired as pair - each one would refuse to work alone. Sadly they can't be added to your team permanently RAW (more to that later), and they are really really pricey. One is a thrower, the other one a blitzer - and if one of the twins is in the dead & ionjured box the other one loses the Loner skill for the game!

Bo Gallanté:
- A pretty High Elf who has an enviable record of avoiding his opponent's blocks - he has a MA of 8, dodge, loner, sidestep, sprint, sure feet and he will play as anything that looks good.

Willow Rosebark:
- Not much new for her - you already know the legendary Dryad star player. Available for Amazons, Halflings and Wood Elfs.

Karla von Kill:
A really cool female Star Player that can play for Amazons, Halflings, Norse and Humans. She is renown for single out the Mighty Zug during the final of the Blood Bowl cub 2429. She managed a flying tackle that dropped the legendary blocker, and although the Reavers managed to win the game, Karla von Kill was awarded the Best Player medal - aswell as a brief nod of respect from Zug! Forgeworld, go on and release her ASAP!

Helmut Wulf:
- The classic human chainsaw-wielding Star Player. He can play for a fast amount of teams - amazons, chaos renegades, humans, lizardman, norses and vampires! The rules should be great for count-as conversions - because chainsaw wielding players are always cool.

Ripper Bolgrot:
- A star player troll for some extra punching power for your goblins and orcs. He usually plays for the Deaths Heads (basically Bad Moon Goblins). He used to be a normal dumb troll, but ever since he came back from that experimental brain sorcery, the Troll has been wowing fans with his unique blend of on-field cunning and post-match panaches. He has no "really stupid" rule - so if you want a big guy who isn't an idiot, go for him! 270,000 gp is a great price for this charming blocker!

Scrappa Sorehead:
- A goblin who is part of a group of players known as Pogoers - an elite cult who have proven themselves to be completely deranges as they are insane enough to take to the field on pogo sticks! Be warned - these versions of pogo sticks use the addition of rocket propulsion clusters ....

Madcap Miggz:
- Oh my gawd. It's a goblin who rides a cute giant Squig! For 170,000 gp you can get a nice blitzer (well, we think he is supposed to be one, but most times the squig will just eat other players ...). Break Tackle, Claws, Leap, Loner, No Hands, Very Long Legs and Wild Animal make this player quite a wild card - but isn't that what we love about Blood Bowl?

Hiring Star Players permanently
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One of the best rules in the new supplement - you can hire up to one Star Player permanently, for a cost and feed. Awe-some!

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